12. Foolish Games

            Chapter 12

Suvi’s mother truly had no skills when it came down to speaking English, it was kind of amusing to watch the poor woman; she obviously wanted to talk with her daughter’s future husband, but when she tried to use the little English she knew, it only came out as a nervous spluttering, Finnish, English and even Swedish mixing and forming a whole new language that seemed impossible to understand, finally she gave up on trying and allowed her daughter to translate.

 Nina on the other hand might have had slightly better skills than her mother did, but she seemed too nervous to try and voice what she wanted to say and ask, so instead she observed silently, ogling at Chris really, smiling and fluttering her eyelashes in a way that she must have thought as seducing.

Suvi’s father though didn’t let his own awkward accent bother him and despite the difficulty used English and only relied on his daughter’s help when his memory failed him with certain, more difficult words.

It was amazing, however, how a curious parent could gather so much information in the matter of minutes; so far Suvi’s father, Harri had been able to inquire Adam’s family background, political and religious believes, former relationship history (had been engaged once before), all about the schools he had attended and his future plans for family and work and all this in a matter of 45 minutes…

Joni felt slightly on the outside there, outside and bored. He sat next to Nina, on the couch in the living room, flipping through a magazine and listening to the conversation quietly.

“And… what do you do? Um what job? Or study?” Nina finally had the courage to speak and it made Joni look up at the man to whom the question was directed to.

“I’m a game designer and amateur boxer,” the man replied, looking at her and smiling, then as his eyes met Joni’s the smile turned into a grin.

“Ottaisikohan pojat kahvia?” Suvi’s mother Merja wondered, looking at her guests, then at her daughter.

“Would you like some coffee?” Suvi asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Adam smiled at Merja, glad that interrogation seemed finally over.

“Yes, please,” Chris nodded as well, glancing at Joni again

“Joni, maistuuko siulle?”

“Kiitos, voin juoda yhden kupillisen,” Joni nodded.

The conversation continued, with lighter topics and now Joni paid more attention to it, realising that Chris most probably felt even more like an outsider there, and he did seem to look at his direction a lot? But maybe it was really Nina that he was looking at; after all she was a cute looking girl, he pondered and… he was straight, wasn’t he?

Well, whatever the case was, he was a good looking man and at least he had something to feast his eyes upon.

After coffee Adam and Chris went to get some rest, they had a long flight behind and time difference was always exhausting.


At 7 pm they sneaked into the room where the two men were sleeping.

“You know it isn’t wise to let them sleep for long, 7 hours time difference and all.  They should sleep later,” Suvi nodded, looking at them before jumping on top of her poor innocent fiancé, waking him up with a fright.

“Wake up love!” She grinned jumping on his lap, while Adam tried to get over the near heart attack.

“Uh… uh…what time is it?” He asked dizziness clear in his voice.

“7pm local time, hm… something like 1pm of Canadian time,” she answered smiling.

Chris moaned and pulled a pillow over his head; the chick was obviously crazy, he thought.

“God… I want to sleep,” he whined, truly hating the time difference that was screwing with his brain.

“Oh, come on! It’s fucking 1pm in your country,” Suvi snorted. “Now, get up; sauna is warm, beer is cold…” She leaned closer to kiss her fiancé, “come on darling, it will be worth it.” Then she looked at Joni who still stood at the door.

“Take his pillow…” She whispered in Finnish, gesturing towards Chris. Joni rolled his eyes and walked towards the other guy, took a hold of the pillow and quickly pulled it away from him.

“Time to wake,” he smiled, looking at the man who narrowed his eyes at him.

“This is fucking unhealthy to be woken like this,” he complained.

“Oh suck it up, you’re a grown man,” Suvi snorted and got up from Adam’s lap.

 “Okay, so you might want to take your swimming pants, now I have nothing against naked men, but my 15 year old sister… she doesn’t need to see your things,” she giggled. “Ah…” She pointed at Chris, “Nina may have a crush on you, deal with it, but if you touch her, you’re so dead.” She warned but smiled at the same time.

Chris raised his hands up.

“I won’t touch her, I promise.” He grinned glancing at the boy then, he wouldn’t promise not to touch him, though. Idly he wondered if he should tell them he was gay, but since no one asked… why should he?

“Good, ok, 10 minutes and we’re back to get you!” She nodded, took her cousin’s hand and led him out, the door closed after them.

“Are you sure you want to marry this girl?”  Chris asked looking at the door that had just closed. “I fear that you’ll end up dying from a heart attack with her.” He grinned, raising his brow at his friend.

“What? She’s an angel!” Adam quickly defended.

“Sure, sure…” Chris got up, took his bag and started searching for a change of underwear and swimming shorts. “Good thing I thought about their sauna obsession,” he nodded to himself.

Adam smiled at him and nodded.

“Hm, it isn’t so bad, being here, right?” He asked then, still grateful that his friend had come with.

Chris immediately thought of the dark haired boy; yes, not that bad indeed.

“I want to survive this,” he decided to answer.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice, Chris,” Adam said then. “You were ogling at her cousin, now need I remind you that he is 17?”

“Hm, he’s cute,” Chris nodded. “And yes, I do remember that he is 17, what are you so worried about?” He glanced at his friend slightly amused.

“Well, I really love this girl and… I don’t want any trouble with her family.”

“And I wouldn’t want his daddy to hunt me,” Chris smiled reassuringly, though he wasn’t all that worried about it, now he was only looking forward to see the kid in much less clothing.


The boy was gorgeous and Chris just couldn’t help but to stare at him; the slender body with lean muscles, his perfectly rounded ass, slim hips, sweat that glimmered on his perfect, pale skin and… the boy was also so sweetly oblivious to the curiosity he woke in him…

The two girls had gone to cool off to the changing room and after they left, the kid stripped of his swimming shorts, revealing the rest of his body for his curious eyes; nice looking cock, too…dark, carefully trimmed pubic hair… But that ass… god damn that ass, there the boy was, standing so very close, soaping up his body all over and Chris felt the interest waking up and shifted on the bench to a better position so that this said ‘interest’ wouldn’t be quite so obvious.

Just then the kid looked at them.

“Have you ever been in an old fashioned sauna like this before?” He asked, while washing his hair.

“Hm, no, not really, just the …er…modern, electronic kind,” Adam replied smiling, to which Joni nodded, took water and poured it on top of his head to rinse the shampoo off.

“Yeah, we have that kind at home, would be much easier to have shower here too…” He shrugged, “anyways,” he had used most of the water… “When you want to wash, you get hot water from there,” he pointed at the old boiler, “just be carefully it really is hot, and cold water from there…” he pointed at the tap on the wall.

“Ok, thanks, I’m sure we’ll manage,” Adam nodded and Joni smiled at him before walking towards the door. He peaked to the other room where Nina and Suvi were seated, towels wrapped around their bodies, Suvi sipping cider, Nina a glass of coke. “Can you hand me my towel?” Joni asked, reaching his hand out.

Suvi smiled and gave it to him,

“Going already?” She questioned.

“Yup,” he nodded grinning and closed the door for a second to dry himself, before leaving the sauna room completely.

“Okay, I think we won’t stay long either,” Suvi smiled and then got up.

“Any naked men there?! Watch out we’re coming!” She shouted then grinned, left her towel on the bench and stepped inside with her sister in tow.

Joni got dressed and the walked back to the house.

“There’s evening snack in the kitchen if you kids are hungry,” Merja told him.

“Okay, thanks,” Joni nodded and proceeded his way upstairs and into Suvi’s room where he had slept the previous night. He checked his phone noticing that Dima had tried to call him.

When he called back, his friend answered with tired and depressed voice.

“Okay what’s happened?”

“You’re still at your grandparents?” Dima’s voice asked.

“At my uncle’s home now… something’s up?”

“Yeah… Eva broke up with me,” Dima sighed heavily, “I dunno… I guess I forgot for a while that you’re up there and… would have just liked to … well go out… drink…talk shit.”

“When did this happen?” Joni questioned, sitting down.

“Last night… “ Dima answered, “Yeah, the best part is that she left me by email,” he snorted then.

“She did what??” Joni almost couldn’t believe his ears, he had always known that the girl was an asshole, but to leave Dima with an email??


“Yeah, with email… something about her needing some space…and things being so complex… You know, her family never liked me, her dad downright hated me, wanted her to break up with me…”

“Err … why?” Joni couldn’t really see why any one would hate Dima, who was polite, smart, he had the looks, he was sweet…

“Hmh… well, I’m a Russian so of course I must be no good,” Dima answered with his tone irritated.

 “Those racist assholes! If she is that small of a person, if her family is, you really don’t need her,” Joni told him, feeling upset for his friend, who again sighed deeply.

“I just thought that we were doing fine… I don’t know… I thought I love her…I…”

“I’m sorry, but you know, she’s a bitch, you can do so much better than that, her loss, you know? You know how many girls at school are mooning over you?”

“Well…uh…” Dima obviously didn’t have his brothers’ confidence in these matters, “I just wish she’d…” He seemed to hesitate.

“Dima, seriously, I know it hurts but trust me, you are soooo much better off without her,” Joni nodded firmly, though he couldn’t see. “God, I wish I was at home! I will be though, after Christmas, and then at New Year’s Eve we’ll drink ‘till we pass out, okay? We’ll find some new girl for you before that.” He grinned “Make that bitch regret, ’cause she will, you know.”

Dima chuckled then.

“So how are you? What’s it like?”

“Hm, okay… sort of, boring, but  kinda okay because Suvi is here and two Canadians. “

“Canadians?” Dima questioned.

“Yeah, Suvi’s fiancé and his friend,” Joni explained, and then there was a knock on the door. “Listen, I have to go, I call you later and I’ll see you soon I hope… And remember that Eva is a bitch and you don’t need her.”

“Okay…” Dima again chuckled, “talk to you later.”

“Come to downstairs Joni, to eat?” Suvi, who peaked into the room, asked.

“Yeah, be there in a sec!” He promised, dried his hair a bit and put on some deodorant before following.

“Okay lets play some game?” Suvi suggested after they had eaten. Her little brother had already gone to bed and their parents were now in the sauna.

Joni shrugged, sort of lost in his own thoughts; playing with his cell phone, he still couldn’t believe what that bitch had done; a bloody email?? He had to convince his dad to take him back home so he could see Dima, take him out, drink and just… be like he used to be… before everything went complicated, before his foolish, idiotic crush on Misha…

“You all look so freaking bored, come on!” She sighed.

“I’m not bored,” Adam protested, “but I’m okay with games,” he smiled brightly.

“Games…? Oh come on, are we in high school?” Chris snarled.

Joni looked up at guy and raised his eyebrow.

“What’s so bad in games? You know lots of grown ups play games so shut up,” the guy might have been hot, but come on… He went back to play with his phone.

“Yeah Chris, it could be fun?” Adam tried to cheer his friend who was still looking at Joni grinning slightly.

”Grown ups game? Like bondage, master-slave, SM and so on?” He smirked then at Adam.

Suvi quickly covered her sister’s ears, “Not in front of children!” She glared at Chris, before she grinned, “I was thinking… Monopoly!”

It made Joni groan, “Please not Monopoly, it goes on for ages!”

Suvi pouted slightly, “I like Monopoly…” she muttered and Adam wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“We can play it some other time, sweetheart,” he whispered softly.

“Don’t you have PlayStation or Nintendo?” Chris raised his brows feeling petrified hearing the word ’monopoly’

“I have PlayStation,” Nina said then, smiling and looking at the man. “Um… I have many games.”

“Uh! Uh! We could play Tekken!” Suvi got excited and Joni rolled his eyes; she acted more hyper now that what she normally was, maybe because of Adam?

”Tekken, so we like mindless fights, good! Lets go.” Chris nodded getting up.

Nina’s room was pink, nauseatingly pink! And… well, you would more expect it to belong to a 10 year old girl than 15… Or maybe Joni just didn’t get it? A picture of horses on the wall confirmed him of his earlier thought, a picture of half naked Jared Leto on the opposite wall made it questionable; room decorator might have had a heart attack if stepping in; porcelain dolls, and then some more pictures of half naked men… Nina’s taste was simply weird, Joni concluded, not in men but all the other stuff.

“Okay, I start with Adam and the one who wins always gets a new partner.” Suvi explained, fixing the game ready. She and Adam took their places on the floor in front of the TV and Joni pushed away the stuffed animals on the bed so he could sit down.

Suvi won the first round and chose to play with Chris, which turned out to be a mistake because she lost just after few short minutes of playing.

“This sucks,” she groaned, looking at her sister and Joni. “Okay Chris choose; Nina or Joni?”

Nina gave a hopeful look to him.

”Joni, I don’t want the little girl to cry,” Chris grinned, he had been playing games since he was a kid and he was really good at it, especially after he had designed a few.

Joni snorted. “Thinking highly of yourself, huh?” He asked flopping down next to him on the floor. This game was more than familiar to him, after all he and Dima had been playing a lot.

Unfortunately he soon found that Chris was also very good, but at least before loosing he gave him a good fight; it had been really close.

Nina didn’t stand chance to Chris and it was over before it had started.

Suvi got them each cider and some chips, they continued playing, but it soon seemed that Adam and Suvi were more interested in cuddling than playing.

When it was Joni’s turn again, Chris decided to let him win, not wanting him to sulk about it later. And it had been a good choice, after the boy was smiling happily at him, though perhaps also a bit smugly.

“So you’re not all invincible after all.”

”Who says I am? You put a good fight,” Chris grinned back at him.

It was getting late.

“Hey…um… Chris, Joni, would you mind terribly if we changed the sleeping arrangements?” Suvi asked, her back against Adam’s chest, his hand gently stroking and smoothing her hair.

Chris gave them a mocking look, “And why is that?”

Suvi glanced at Adam.

”Well, if it’s alright, I’d like Adam in my room, which means… well… would you two mind sleeping in same room?” She asked carefully, unsure how Chris would take sleeping on a same bed with a guy he knew was gay… They really should have thought of this sooner, but both Chris’ and Joni’s arrival had been kind of… last minute, changing her earlier plans.

“Just be honest, you want to…” Chris covered Nina’s ears before finishing, “fuck?”

Suvi blushed bright red and Joni couldn’t help but laugh, Nina on the other hand didn’t dare even protest; after all any contact was a contact when it came to the man of your dreams touching you.

“Um, just well… we haven’t seen in a while and…” Suvi stammered slightly.

“I’m fine with it, if Chris is. I can really sleep on the couch as well, not that big of a deal,” Joni grinned.

Chris shrugged, letting go of the girl, “I don’t mind either,” he said, trying to sound cool about it, inside he felt like laughing; MIND?? No way in hell would he mind!

“Good,” Suvi grinned and after playing a few more rounds they left Nina to sleep in her room, while Joni and Adam went to get the stuff they needed before changing rooms.

”Damn, that chick is so horny,” Chris smirked at his friend when they got to the guestroom.

“Don’t you think I am? Gods it’s been forever, I’m so fucking glad I don’t have to sleep next to you this night!” Adam grinned, putting his things together, and then he took a look at the bed made for two on the convertible sofa. “Hm… so … it’s okay then?” He asked carefully.

”You’re asking one gay guy if it is okay to sleep in one bed with another hot, gay guy? Don’t be silly but don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of him,” Chris smirked.

Adam gave him a somewhat nervous chuckle.

“Okay, of course… I just… maybe I should have told her? It never came up and …eh…” He scratched his head. Chris frowned.

“Maybe you shouldn’t.” He said seriously.

“Yeah? Well, it would feel weird to say it now… don’t want to spoil the night either,” he nodded, “Hm, so it’s okay…” Just then the door opened and Joni stepped in, carrying his bag.

“So um, good night then,” Adam muttered, taking his own bad and walking towards the door.

“Have fun!” Chris waved at his friend and when the door closed he looked at Joni.

”Good he’s gone, I’m sure this night would be horrible if he stayed here.”

Joni chuckled, lowered his bag down and started searching for his toothbrush.

“I don’t think I could have stood another night with her talking about Adam either, especially now with him in the house!” He rolled his eyes, smiled and lifted his toothbrush up, “be right back; teeth…”

Chris nodded, watching as he went, starting to change, only leaving his boxers on. Five minutes later the boy returned, now only in his tank top and underwear, he walked to the bed, covered a yawn with his hand and pulled the coverlet aside while Chris was busy staring at his ass.

“And don’t worry, I promise to keep to my own side of the bed,” Joni grinned, laying down, pulling the cover on. Chris tilted his head, watching him closely but he didn’t saying anything. He turned off the lights and walked to the bed, lying down next to him.

“I wouldn’t mind if you…don’t,” he whispered and Joni whose back was turned against him frowned and turned around to face him.

“You mean you’re…?”

“Yeah,” Chris grinned, looking at him.

“O-oh?” Joni blinked in surprise; he hadn’t seen this one coming and he was sure as hell that his father hadn’t.

 “Poor Nina will be disappointed,” he grinned finally, finding the situation rather amusing.

”I’m sure she will,” Chris smirked, resting his eyes on the boy next to him.

“So… Adam? He does not know?” Joni asked carefully.

“He does… Your cousin doesn’t,” Chris replied moving slightly closer.

Joni felt a pinch of nervousness in the bottom of his stomach, the same kind he had had the night of his date with Ivo, sleeping on the same bed, not knowing if…

“Hm… interesting…” He nodded smiling, despite the nervousness he also felt curious.

”I’m sure she wouldn’t let me sleep with you in one bed then,” Chris raised his brows.

“Could be…I know my uncle would not,” Joni chuckled. “I was send here to…um… avoid situations like this.”

”I’m sure this would piss many people…” Chris suggested, ”us sleeping in one bed…”

“Um…yeah… it would,” Joni agreed, suppressing laughter, “god, this is so odd…” he whispered then, the room was dim but his eyes were slowly getting used to the darkness and he was very aware of Chris’ warmth next to him.

”Why not… take the possibly of making them pissed off even more…” He leaned closer, looking in Joni’s eyes.

Joni’s breathing hitched, Chris face now very, very close.

“My dad would be so shocked…” Was all he was able to say unable to stop snickering.

“Then, I’m sure this would give him a heart attack,” Chris grinned at the giggling teen, who finally got serious when he pulled him closer and brought his lips on his.

It was the curiosity that made Joni answer to the kiss, curiosity and excitement; he shouldn’t be doing this and yet he was and it was funny!

“You find me attractive?” He whispered, after the first tentative kiss, feeling the man’s hot breathing on his skin.

The question was so childishly innocent and silly that it made Chris’ grin even more.

”Attractive? No, I find you very fucking hot…” He answered truthfully, stroking the kids cheekbone and chin with his thumb, admiring the smooth skin and full lips, ”and you… do you fine me attractive?”

“Hm… Yes… I think you are very handsome…” Joni replied, noticing that his accent came out stronger now that he was slightly nervous, he carefully reached his hand to touch Chris’ bare chest, admiring the muscles.

“Good,” Chris nodded and leaned in to kiss him, this time for real, his hand going to the back of his head to keep him there.

At first Joni felt slightly tense, it was happening so fast and wasn’t this kind of thing just what caused all the slut comments? But then he wanted to make an impression on the guy and answered to the kiss more excitedly.

Chris pushed him down, crushing him with his body on top of him, still kissing him deeply, getting excited with this situation, there seemed to be little hesitation from the boy, making him wonder if he was a virgin.

Joni could feel that the man was getting aroused and the nervousness was building up, this really was happening too fast, after all he had only learned just a few minutes ago that the man was gay!

But the man kissed well and he liked it.

“That was nice…” Chris murmured against his lips, “very nice.” His hand caressed his face softly.

“It was…” Joni agreed nodding, his hand resting loosely against Chris’s side, who grinned and lifted the hem of his shirt.

“You think they fuck?” He asked caressing his nipple.

“Hm… probably…” Joni chuckled, “um, most likely.” He nodded watching the man, the touch felt good and yet his mind was still battling over the fact if he was allowing this go too far too fast.

“Are you still a virgin?” Chris asked grinning and Joni frowned.

“No,” he answered.

“So, how many partners have you had?”

“Um…” Joni hesitated, “it depends…what…” he took a pause trying to think the correct way to express himself in English. “In what sense are you asking?”

“Have you been fucked? Anal?” Joni was glad it was dark, because he thought he was blushing and it was silly… Chris was just so… blunt.

“Hm… yeah…”

“How many?” Chris kissed his chin and cheeks, still playing with his nipples.

“…two…” Joni whispered, “and… you? Have you ever….um…”

“As a top, yeah… always as a top…” Chris smirked.

“How many?”

“Enough to know what I’m doing… and I do it well…” Chris answered vaguely. Joni smiled slightly, he could see where this would be going if he would allow it to continue, so he yawned.

“I’m quite tired; you must be too… long trip… and all?”

Chris smiled and kissed him briefly on the lips.

“Yeah… Good night, Joni.” He said rolling down next to him on the bed.

“Good night, Chris…” Joni smiled, pulled the cover better on top of him before turning his back and going to sleep.


Next day Joni tried to act normal and not let it show that something was going on between him and Chris, he was quite sure that his father would allow him to return home and maybe it was best to let him think that he had been on his best behaviour?

No one suspected anything, all his uncle seemed to be concerned about was the crush his 15 year old daughter had on Chris, he even talked about it to the man, which Joni found amusing; if only he knew!

Next night they were laying on bed again, Chris’ hands were a lot bolder now, hand in his boxers, stroking his cock, while he was snuggled close behind his back, so that Joni could feel his erection throbbing against his buttocks, but he didn’t want to let it go that far, he didn’t want to be THAT easy.

He turned around slowly and kissed him, Chris took his hand and brought it on his erection.

“Want to suck it?” He asked when Joni finally started to give small strokes to it through his underwear, “come on…” he encouraged.

“Mm…I can stroke it…” Joni told him, it wasn’t because he wouldn’t like sucking a cock… it was just… he didn’t want Chris to be able to get him to do what he wanted so easily, he wanted to keep that control. Slowly he pulled Chris’ boxers down to free his organ, he closed his fingers around it measuring its length; it was thick, little above the average, but still not quite so big as Misha’s had been, bigger than Kasper’s maybe? He began to stroke the length, sliding his thumb over the leaking head…

Chris breathed out, hissing from pleasure… He reached his own hand to stroke Joni’s organ through his boxers, thrusting his hips forward, slipping a hand inside the hem, going between his legs, fingering the opening,

“Not there…” Joni frowned at him, his tone slightly annoyed; it was always about HIS butt, wasn’t it? “I want you to touch my cock…” he whispered, looking almost demandingly into Chris’ eyes, squeezing at the base of his organ.

Chris chuckled, he couldn’t help it, and finally he grinned and slipped his hand out.

“Okay, but remove your underwear first,” he asked, lifting his brow.

“Fine, but then you have to do the same.”

“Sure, I have no problem with that,” he answered amusedly as he stripped down of his own boxers watching as the kid did the same.

When both of them were naked, Chris pulled him close and kissed him firmly grinding his erection against his. His hands travelled on Joni’s back, down to his buttocks; squeezing and massaging them between his palms.

“Hey… just a hand job, remember?” Joni pushed him off a little, not that it would have felt bad, just that he wanted to keep the control, and he really wasn’t too keen on having his ass fucked, at least not yet.

“I remember, don’t worry…” Chris assured, spat on his hand and brought it back to Joni’s length, massaging firmly and then slowing down, looking in his eyes, watching as his full lips parted in a silent moan… He felt Joni’s hand sneaking up on his organ, stroking him at the same base, smirking Chris stopped and squeezed him from the root. “Ever done 69?” He asked.

Joni blinked, the pleasure making his thinking fuzzy, “What?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what it means.”

“Of course I know what it is,” Joni snapped, taking his own hand away, “god…”

“What? Stopping now? Too much for you, kid?”  Chris really was having too much fun with this; he gave him a couple of slow strokes. “Want me to stop?” He teased.

“No…” Joni groaned, “and stop calling me a kid if you know what’s best for you…”

Inside Chris really felt like laughing, the kid really though he had the control?  He was almost tempted to ask what he meant with it ‘if you know what’s best for you’ but he didn’t want to annoy him too much at this point, had to play cards carefully with him, but to annoy him a little might just push him into the right direction.

“Have you sucked a cock before?” Joni’s eyes flashed, before narrowing,  

“Yes and I’m good at it too.”

“Are you? I don’t know… How much experience can a 17 year old have?”

Joni tried to control his breathing; he felt pissed off now and he wanted to show him…

Joni pushed him to lay on his back, his hands against his arms, as he slowly kissed his way down to the prize, he took a closer look now, marking differences to those he had already seen, most of all to Misha’s though he hated to admit, his fingers closed in around it, his thumb traced the veins on the side and in front of his eyes the organ pulsated and grew, and he gave the first tentative lick to the head watching the precum leaking out, he wondered idly if one could get any disease from blowjob without a condom? Well, his mouth didn’t have any cuts or wounds, right? … He looked up to Chris, whose lips were parted and who was looking straight at him.

“When did you get tested last time?” Joni decided to ask, such an unromantic question but… Chris lifted an eyebrow.

“I am all clean, don’t worry about it…” He smirked.

Nodding, Joni started playing with the head as if it was a lollipop, popping it in and out of his mouth and finally lowering his head down more, tasting the salty, musky taste of Chris… it was… pleasant, he decided while his left hand went to play with his balls, cupping them and rolling his thumb over the sensitive flesh.

He smiled when hearing the incoherent grunts and moans coming from the man.

“Warn me when,” he lifted his head up to whisper, before going back to work.

Chris brought his hand to the boys soft hair, watching  him this whole time, he looked amazing, sinful, sexy… and he was good at this… better than what he would have expected… he thrust his hips forward, clutching his hair almost forcefully.

He felt tempted to come into the boy’s mouth, but didn’t want to risk pissing him too badly because he fully indented to get some of that ass later.

Joni hummed around the member, popping his head up and down, sucking eagerly now that he felt Chris’ grip in his hair, felt his impatient thrusts forward and he felt pleased that he was doing a good job.

“Okay… coming…” Chris whispered, holding his hair put allowing him to withdraw his mouth, Chris held the boy in place, his own hand had sneaked to his own length and gave couple of final strokes before he spilled his hot seed on Joni’s face and neck.

Joni had closed his eyes, he felt the thick warm fluid shoot on his skin and Chris wasn’t allowing him to move from it.

Chris laid back relaxed, looking at the boy, smiling at the sight; he looked even hotter now, reddish, swollen lips and his cum staining that pretty face of his… Joni was giving him a somewhat smug smile.

“Wonderful…” Chris smiled stroking his hair softly now to show his appreciation. Joni reached for some tissues to wipe his face with and Chris’ organ.

“And now you can thank me properly,” Joni smirked crawling up, his knees on either side of Chris’ chest, taking support from the headrest, leaning forward, his cock near Chris’ lips “suck me,” he demanded. Chris gave the boy a curious look, fine, he would give him what he wanted, he would allow him to think he had control… for now. He took a hold of the slim hips and lifted his head up to take the teen’s organ between his lips.

Joni moaned, he crossed his arms over the backrest of the couch looking down, moving his hips forward and back, looking down at the man, grinning to himself.

Chris felt the boy’s length grow bigger and harder in his mouth, his hands moved to his ass, finger pressing against the opening again, circling it, but not really pushing in… He watched the kid’s reactions; he moaned and his eyes were closed… taking some lubrication from his spit; he pushed one finger in carefully, keeping one arm wrapped around his waist when the kid jerked in his hold.

“I won’t fuck you, just fingering you,” he told him grinning, pushing his finger further in, searching for that special spot that he had enough experience by now to know exactly where to look for and when he found it, he was rewarded with an exited muffled moan… Meanwhile, this was kind of getting too arousing; the kid was hot and tight… He seriously wanted this ass of his.

It felt too good, Joni could feel his body jerking, his forehead lowering against his arms…

“I…uh…close….nnh…coming…” He moaned, trying to pull away, but Chris didn’t let him, he held on and kept on sucking until Joni’s climaxed into his mouth. Chris swallowed everything he gave him, his finger carefully pulling out stroking the butt tenderly now.

Joni was finally able to pull back, he watched at the man who licked his lips from the remains of his cum… His skin felt hot and flustered, it might have been the best blowjob he had ever received…

Still a little dizzy after his orgasm he hardly had time to react when Chris pulled him close, on top him, giving him a sloppy wet kiss on his lips letting Joni get a taste of himself from his mouth.

After, they lay side by side, still naked, Chris already sleeping, his arm thrown over Joni’s body. Joni stared at the ceiling unable to fall asleep, too many thoughts filling his mind, he though about home and he thought about Misha, he thought about what had happened then and what had happened just now. He glanced at the sleeping man next to him, the want he had seen in his eyes was medicine for the wounds that his ego had taken and Chris was handsome, a good kisser, they had fun just now, but of course it wouldn’t last. It was just brief passing fun, when he would go home and Chris back to Canada… would they keep any contact? Joni wondered, maybe? It could be nice and if Suvi really married Adam, there would be a chance for them to meet later too. He wasn’t sure why he thought of this, he wasn’t sure if he even cared. Slowly he turned his back to the man, closing his eyes, trying to fall a sleep, he shouldn’t think about it too much, just let things go on their own way.

         Web published: August 22nd, 2008.

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