Silent, my first online story

I’ve started adding the existing chapters to the new version Of Silent. This story is where my online fiction writing started. I think I was 15-years-old when I started first writing this. The story started from a different story where Michael was just a side character, an abused and scared boyfriend of a violent and powerful man Ricky, who was part of a group of men who kidnapped young men… (Why I started creating stories like these? – I was annoyed and fed up to the endless scenarios of women/girls as victims…)

My best friend I told stories to each other, and this Ricky thing was one of those that I told her. I recall that my friend was more interested of Michael’s character and suggested more focus on him. So I slowly started creating a background story for him and for Ricky. The original scripts are quite embarrassing, but I have only very little left of those, which I regret slightly now, but the writing embarrassed me so much that I burned most pages before I was twenty and started rewriting, that’s the old version you see here.

I felt I could still do much better, so I started rewriting, thinking that hey! I’ll get this done before I turn 30! Yeah, so that ship has sailed…🙄 My new promise is 40…. So I have + two years….I swear that time goes faster with each year! In my mind there is still that twenty-year-old, who wonders, huh, how did this happen? 😅 Anyway, the problem is that I constantly get new ideas how to improve still, so I really wonder if I make it on my timeline, I wonder if I should just promise; 50… 😂 

You can help me get this done, review, give me your thoughts, point out what you would change, point out what you think needs more work and what doesn’t. I really hope I could give this to myself as birthday present in 2023 November…. But let’s see…


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