Foolish games/Lapselliset leikit, character pictures

I already took down this article, but decided to post it again…

Merry Christmas! ❤️ Thank you for reading.

I remember that when I started writing Foolish games, some readers suggested that I’d find pictures of real persons, that resemble how I imagine characters. Well, I found it always difficult, still do, never get it quite right. and I find it slightly bothersome, because these are real people who probably would find this strange. 😅 But then again, there is fanfiction too, so…

Anyway, here you are, these guys resemble in some ways, the people in my head.

Misha would have a much blonder hair, other than that yes, yes, he’s quite perfect😁. Joni’s character is the most difficult for me to find, but this one caught my eye and well he was close enough. And Chris… first I had another guy, but then I saw him and yes, almost perfect..

I do not own these pictures, these are random guys found from the internet, for them I’d like to say, thank you and I’m sorry for borrowing your pictures 😅


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