The story is progressing nicely, right now I’m writing chapter 32, (and Chapter 41 in Finnish.) I feel I should edit the earlier chapters still, quite a lot in fact! Also really have these self-doubt moments. The internet is filled with great stories, so yeah I’m starting to question whether I can write it good enough. Is it worth the effort to get the story self-published, try another road or just continue like I have thus far…

Well, while I try to figure that one out, I decided to give you chapter 28, which was kindly betad by Charity ❤️

-If you enjoy it, it would be great if you comment too and then you more likely get to read more sooner 😅

Also, please remember that it would really break my heart if someone copied any content of my stories and posted them somewhere without my consent. This has happened to me before, years back, so I’m a little wary of it happening again.

I will try to get the prologue continuing Joni’s and Misha’s story soon!


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