26. Love and broken hearts


I’m the first to wake up. Misha snores next to me, probably feeling quite hung over when he wakes. I smile slightly, turn to lie on my side and just watch him for awhile. I think about everything that’s happened during short period of time, about what Pete said of Misha being involved in some criminal gang and fishy businesses. Though I’ve tried I just can’t really understand it. At this very moment he’s looking so innocent, but I do remember that at the beginning I was slightly frightened of him. Then I remember how cute he was the previous night. He can be rough and bossy and at the same time gentle and loving, he’s a weird mixture from which I wouldn’t change anything. I lean forward and press a gentle kiss over his forehead.  I decide to cook breakfast for him and bring it to bed. My heart starts to beat up faster as I think of what I must soon tell him, I do feel nervous.

As I return to the bedroom 20 minutes later, Misha is still sleeping. I sit on the edge of the bed and carefully touch his arm. He groans, takes my hand and brings it under the cover on his hard organ. Still keeping his eyes closed he grins and I can’t help but to smile. However I pull my hand away and get an unsatisfied groan as response and slowly he opens his eyes.

“I made you some breakfast,” I tell him. “Bacon and eggs,” as if he couldn’t smell and see it for himself.

“I’m horny,” he tells me, grins again and moves his hand on my lower back.

”And I am not surprised,” I answer amusedly. “But you will eat first. I am not cooking for nothing.” I lower the tray between us and Misha sighs, he picks up few slices of bacon, stuffs them in his mouth and then some scrambled eggs. “Hey, there is a fork you know!” I shriek; now his hands are all creasy and then it will be everywhere on the sheets that, ok I have to admit, were not so fresh in the begin with, after the activities of last night. It might not have been the most brilliant plan to sleep in my parent’s room…

 Misha only smirks, takes another piece of bacon and brings it against my lips; great, now my face is creasy as well. I part my lips and eat while Misha’s fingers stroke my face and after I swallow he feeds me some more, and then some cucumber and eggs, all of it with his fingers. “You are perverse,” I mutter after he’s also finger fucked my mouth.

 ”I am horny,” he repeats his earlier words. “Move the fucking tray away or I will not quarantine how this bed will soon look like.”

”Aggressive, huh?” I grin at him and take the tray to move down to the floor to safety, as I bend slightly I feel the mattress move behind me and soon I feel a naked and indeed very horny naked man behind me. Misha pulls me close and impatiently tucks my underwear down.

“Yummy, yummy Joni…” He murmurs nippling, kissing and smelling my skin. Next I find myself lying on my stomach, naked and him on top, moving his erection between my butt cheeks. “Can I come inside you, love?” He moans and resumes the rocking motion, it’s soon that he already pushes his creasy fingers inside me.  “You are so fucking sexy, I want to fuck you, thrust inside you and fuck you good….” He continues and I can’t help but to get to the same level of horniness, blood rushing down making me hard and needy.

“I want it, give it to me, I want you…” I pant and hear him groan eagerly. He pulls his fingers out, and soon after replaces them with his thick organ; morning quickies.

Afterwards we lay on the bed satisfied and relaxed. I rest my head over Misha’s chest, my arm wrapped around him. I have to disinfect or at least wash the bed later. I can imagine what kind of fit dad and Katja would get if they knew what we did in their bedroom.

”We need to talk,” I finally sigh. We’re still lying naked on the bed and Misha gives me a concerned look, I feel unpleasant tingling in the bottom of my stomach. “But lets shower first,” I add and pull myself up from the bed.

“This; ‘we need to talk,’ always sounds just as bad.” Misha remarks frowning with serious expression and gets up. “You’re not…” He hesitates; I look at him and give him a faint smile.

“I love you,” I tell him. “I don’t want us to fight like we did yesterday. I don’t want to part with you.” Misha nods at my words looking somewhat relieved. He circles the bed, wraps his arms around me and rubs our noses together.

“My love,” he whispers before stealing my lips into a kiss.

We go to the shower, get dressed, after which I make us some coffee and give Misha some aspirin.

“Tell me,” he insist and urges me to sit down. I sigh, nervously running my fingers along the side of my coffee cup.

”The reason that I’ve been acting strange,” I start and glance at Misha under my brows. He has this concentrated yet worried look over his features. He nods to signal that I should continue. “After that… incident at my flat… those guys… Marko’s ex… Well, I’ve been getting these strange calls from an unknown number and… well, they started so that the man asked what I was wearing and such; I thought it was a joke, but then he said… He described what he would do to me… that he… would get me naked; tie me up and… that sort of thing….” My voice quiets down. “And there have also been messages, repeating same kind of things, but they’ve gotten creepier each time. Threats to do what they failed to do the last time….”

Misha is shaking in furry, he gets up knocking the chair down onto the floor. “What the hell?!” He roars. ”Why the fuck haven’t you told me before?!” I flinch and notice myself trembling as well.

”Because I am frightened! Frightened of your reaction and… I though I could do this on my own, but I can’t!” I shout back at him. Misha paces restlessly over the kitchen floor and glances at me.

“Who are they? Tell me EVERYTHING,” he insists and leans his back against the sink, crossing his arms over his chest. I tap my fingers restlessly over the kitchen table.

“Pete, Marko’s ex is behind it all,” I answer quietly. “He’s blackmailing me, said that everything would stop if I just go over to his place for one weekend and if I do everything he tells me to do. Sex, that’s what he wants and I only have a week left to decide and if I won’t agree he promised to make my life hell, I have no doubt that he couldn’t.”

“I fucking kill that prick!” Misha roars and swings a glass from the counter to the floor where it breaks into pieces. I notice myself biting my nails and as I notice this I quickly lower my hand.  “I fucking will kill him!”

“Misha, please, calm down. I was afraid of this. Sit down, I beg you.” He snorts and shakes his head finally lowering down to pick up the pieces.

”You have those messages?” He asks in a hard tone of voice, looking at me. Feeling ashamed I shake my head.

”No, I didn’t want to read them all so I deleted them.”

”Damnit Joni! Those were evidence!” Misha calls out frustrated and I lower my gaze. “We should still inform the police,” he decides then.

”They won’t do anything until something has actually happened, haven’t we seen that by now from the news?” I sigh.

“Well something already almost fucking happened! You almost got yourself raped in your own apartment!” Misha curses and throws the glass pieces wrapped in newspaper, into the garbage pin. I grit my teeth and look away, my elbows against the table, I lower my forehead against my hands.

“We have no evidence,” I whisper finally. ”Things like this don’t happen, not to men, if it does people won’t speak of it. I bet the cops would just laugh.” I run my fingers through my hair feeling frustrated as well.

“What do you want to do then? Go over there and let that asshole fuck you?!” Misha snaps and I glance at him with watering eyes.

“Of course not! Why the fuck would I tell you this otherwise?! I don’t know what to do! He’s threatened you as well, if I won’t do what he says he will complicate not only my own life but yours as well… He said he would make sure that you never work in this country again…” I keep a small pause before I continue. “Misha, he knows about your background, he knows everything about you.”

”Fuck!” He curses and for a moment he continues to pace adding my nervousness as well.

“If I’ll go to him…” I start hesitantly. “He promised that by doing so I would make up everything, that he would leave all of us alone after… I’ve done a lot of shit in my life…”I continue and Misha glances at me tensely. “It would be only two nights,” I add though the mere though almost gets me in some sort of nauseous hysteria. “I don’t want you to get into trouble and I owe Jesse a lot, Marko as well…”

“Joni, stop.” Misha hisses and points at me wit his finger. ”I don’t fucking care about Jesse or Marko or what that asshole thinks he knows about me. I care about you! And hell may sooner freeze over than I would ever allow him to bed you against your will! Now, tell me what he said that he knows about me,” he asks and sits back down.

“He said… that you are involved in some criminal gang when you were younger, and that he would make sure that you’d be send back to Russia where you would be arrested.” Misha blinks looking somewhat odd. “You said you have connections…” I continue hesitantly and the corners of his mouth begin to tremble before he burst into laughter. I can’t understand what is so fucking funny about the whole thing? I’m about to lose my temper, Misha wipes the tears from his eyes, sighs and finally looks at me grinning.

”Joni, when I threatened you with my ’friends’, did you talk to someone about that?” He asks and for a moment I’m silent.

“N-no…” I give my hesitant answer, or could I have while being drunk or something?

“You did believe it though?” He asks or perhaps just takes note and I blink in confusion. Misha reaches to take my hand in his. “I think I know what has happened,” he says. ”That first night I noticed that you have some prejudice against us Russians and I was annoyed about it and  thus decided to tease you that following morning… Perhaps this asshole knows about your prejudices, perhaps he knows I am Russian, but my love…” he smiles and tenderly touches my cheek. “I am not a criminal for goodness sake! I promise that I’ve never even gone as far as to steal candy from the store.” I feel somehow incredibly stupid and I think I even blush, Misha however continues to smile, stroking my skin with his fingers. “It’s alright baby,” he whispers. “He probably believed that you wouldn’t tell me and I think it is incredibly touching that you were willing to be with me even though I could have been involved lord only knows what!” Misha chuckles and though I still feel ashamed of my old, ridiculous prejudices and believes I manage a small smile. “Come here, come and sit on daddy’s lap,” he taps his thighs and gives me a meaningful, teasing look.

“Perverse,” I mumble and stand moving to sit over his thighs. Misha strokes my hair and I lower my head on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, I’ve been really stupid,” I whisper.

“It’s alright, I still love you,” He smiles and kisses my forehead. “I love you just as you are, my difficult, foolish but adorable bottom,” he adds and I can’t help but to feel relieved. “You maybe right, of the cops working slowly and I am afraid that if that man sees he’s not getting what he wants he takes it by force. I can’t let that happen and… well Cecilia is a good friend I would want no harm on her little brother either or that boyfriend of his.”

”What can we do?” I ask and look up to him, for a moment Misha is silent.

“Do you trust me?” He asks.

“Yes,” I whisper and he continues to smile at me.

”Alright, then call that guy and tell him you agree.”

I bring my head up, feeling confused and upset at the same time. “You want me to say yes?!” What the fuck? After all these talks he wants me to whore myself to that guy after all?!

Chapter 27



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