27. Love and broken hearts

”Yes,” Misha answers calmly and as I try to struggle up to stand he wraps his arms around me. “Calm down,” he says holding me tightly yet tenderly at the same time. I feel myself shivering, tears rise to my eyes as I imagine all the things that Pete could do to me. I don’t want sex with Pete, I don’t want him to touch me! “Joni, trust me,” Misha whispers and kisses my neck. “I won’t let anything happen to you, I won’t let him touch you that way,” he continues. “You are mine, my own and my precious.”

I look at him still feeling confused and he brushes my cheek with his hand. “But you want me to consent? If I go there, it means he can do anything at all to me…” Misha gives me a serious look.

“I wouldn’t let it go that far. We have to scare that fuckhead so utterly that he never again dares to approach you or that boy, Marko.”

“How?” I ask with curiosity, already calming slightly. Misha grins at me.

”So he says that I’m in some criminal gang? Russian mafia perhaps?” He raises his brow. ”We criminals won’t look kindly upon someone trying to meddle in our businesses, trying to take something important to us without permission… Let’s give him a good lesson using his own plot.”

”So… I will go there and…?” I am still not sure if I am getting Misha’s idea.

“And I will come and pick you up with my friends. At the same time we’re going to scare that piece of shit for good. We have to make a good plan, I will call my friends first and ask around, make sure they agree to help, “Misha kisses me tenderly. “I promise you will not have to sleep with that ball of slime, I swear! I couldn’t let it happen! But I also won’t lie, this won’t be easy. What do you think?”

Moment of silence before I nod. “If you swear to me that it won’t be any trouble? I mean I don’t want you to go to jail or anything like that.”

”We will plan this thoughtfully. We have one week. It doesn’t sound like that guy would have clean hands; he’s broken the law already by blackmailing you. Joni that man plans to have you by force if necessary.” I nod nervously at this.

”Should we tell Jesse and Marko?” I ponder as I stand up. I need more coffee; the whole situation is just so absurd, Misha frowns.

”Those little boys are no help for us,” he grumbles and I glance at him surprised of the sour sound of voice.

”Little boys?”

”Tell them if you wish, but they are no help to us, nor to I wish them here,” he tells me. “More coffee,” he adds and rises his cup towards me. I raise my brow and approach him with the coffee pan.

“Would you give me more coffee, please” I correct him bemusedly and Misha merely glares at me. “What’s wrong? What do you have against Jesse and Marko?”

Misha sighs. ”Milk as well,” he demands and when I give him an exceptive look he smiles little awkwardly and ads; “will you be so kind?” I go and get the milk from the fridge and pour some in his coffee.

“You’ve slept with both,” he says finally as I sit back down. “I am not too keen on starting to hang out with them. Or would you like to be friends with some of my ex’s?”

I shrug and give a faint smile. “I suppose not,” I admit. “But you don’t have to be jealous, I am happy with you and they are happy with each other.”

Misha nods and tastes his coffee. “Be that as it may, they are no help to what I am planning. I am not sure if it will benefit them to know. Perhaps Marko should avoid that man and you can ask if he’s been threatened as well. I wouldn’t trust that pricks promises.

”So how will we go about this?” I am still nervous but at the same time I do feel relieved that we can figure this situation out together now. Misha sighs and searches his cell phone.

”I will call my friends; I hope some will agree to help us. Is it’s okay if I ask them here for a little meeting?” Misha asks, I ponder it for a moment before nodding. It’s Saturday afternoon and around 1pm. We have till Friday to figure out how we’re going to deal with everything, so it’s better that we won’t waste any time. Misha sips his coffee, smiles reassuringly to me and dials the first number.

I listen as he calls his friends through, again he paces through the kitchen and most conversations he has are in Russia. Wonderful, soon the whole house is full with Russians? I bite my nails again, I’m stressed, yet at the same time I can only HOPE that as many friends of Misha’s as possible, will agree to help us. He also has few calls in Finnish, but they don’t sound very promising.

Finally Misha sits down and I give him an expecting look. ”Four of my friends agree,” he tells me. “They promised to come here later in the evening.”

”Russians?” I ask as carelessly as I can manage and Misha grins.

”Is that a problem?”

”Of course not! Why would it be?”

”You tell me?” Misha tilts his head. ”My Finnish friends seemed to have better things to do. Besides, if we pretend to be some Russian criminal gang, it’s more believable if we all are in fact Russians.” Misha still seems amused as he looks at me smiling.

”Of course,” I nod.

”You’re nervous,” he notices chuckling softly.

“Damn right I’m nervous! You would be too if you would have to go to that loony who wants to do god only knows what kinky stuff with you!”

”Yes, but you’re also nervous of meeting my friends, am I right?”

“Well, what if they don’t like me? Not everyone likes me, I can be quite difficult and annoying.”

“It’s true,” Misha admits and I give him a sour look to which he grins. “But I like you and I am sure that my friends will too. But if you want to make sure of it, I suggest you run into the liquor store and bring us some vodka and wine and then something to eat. These kind of plans will need a good picnic!” I snort at this and yet I know I will go and buy everything Misha mentioned. I am grateful that his friends have agreed to help. At the same time I can’t help but to feel little sad thinking that my own friends probably would have said no.

“I’ll go shopping with you,” Misha promises. “I think it’s best not to leave you alone right now…” He adds and tries to smile. “But first, call that slime so we’ll get it over with.” I nod slowly and go search my phone; two calls from an unknown number, I feel my stress level rising. I return to the kitchen my phone in my hands.

“What should I say to him?” I ask little helplessly from Misha, somehow I just feel too nervous to think straight.

“Tell him that you’ve been thinking and agree under blackmail. Ask him the specific time and you can tell him you’re nervous about the whole thing. I’d like to know what that guy has planned, that he won’t start ripping your clothes as soon as you enter.” Misha’s voice is harsh and nervous at the same time and I understand that this isn’t any easier to him than it is to me. I sit down next to him. “Turn the sounds so that I can hear him,” Misha asks and I follow his request. My hand trembles slightly as I choose Pete’s number and Misha brings his chair closer stroking my thigh soothingly.

“Hello Joni,” Pete answers sounding pleased that it’s me who’s calling. “Have you decided?”

“Yeah,” I mutter and glance at Misha who listens with serious expression; he nods his head to me encouragingly.

“And?” Pete asks and I draw a deep breath.

“I don’t have many options, do I?” I reply coldly.

“There are always options, but you know what they are. So, how’s it going to be?”

“I agree, reluctantly and under pressure,” I give my answer with quiet voice and Misha squeezes my free hand. “But you have to promise that you will leave us all alone after this?”

“Of course, I always keep my end of the deal,” Pete replies sounding smug and quite pleased with himself.

“How do I need to proceed with this?” I keep my eyes on Misha whose presence feels calming to me.

”Next Friday, come to my house around seven. You know the address, don’t be late. Wash yourself carefully and dress sexy,” he keeps a small pause and I can’t help but shudder in disgust. “First we’ll have dinner and then we move to the real deal, I won’t reveal all my surprises to you yet. On Sunday you are free to leave home.”

“Alright,” I answer a bit tightly. “I assume that the calls and the messages will also stop now?”

“Of course… But Joni, don’t be late!”

”I won’t,” I answer and end the call with that. Misha leans forward and kisses me.

“Ok, that’s done. Don’t worry, everything will work out,” he assures me.



I hate that slime, damn with him for thinking he can threaten my Joni and do what he wants to him, hell no! I am relieved though that Joni told me the truth, lord only knows what would have happened, had he kept this to himself. The plan slowly forms in my mind; it is a big risk though, I know.

I don’t have any criminal record, nor do my friends. Sure I’ve done plenty of stuff, but never shoplifted or anything that would have the risk of later dealing with cops. How I dealt with Joni at the start might be lingering in the grey area and thinking back I do feel slightly ashamed of my actions, but at least I won Joni over and got his love and now I wouldn’t be willing to give that up for anything.

Joni is clearly nervous, I am as well. I don’t even dare to think what might happen if everything goes wrong. We go to the liquor store and grocery store together, Joni is driving since I am not feeling so great, I think I need few drinks to balance out. When we arrive back we make some pizza together; ham, salami and kebab; meat and lots of it! Joni thinks it has everything too much and decides to make himself a healthier version with chicken, paprika and rucola; quite feminine pizza I’d say and almost tease him about it, but then decide it’s best to keep my mouth shut, he’s in a fragile state of mind and he might do something crazy like refuse having sex later! Joni is little bit crazy that way, my own darling temperamental nutcase. 

We also put out some chips and popcorn, Joni keeps glancing at the time nervously and paces through the house. I prepare us both drinks to calm us some.

“Can the guys stay for the night?”  I ask as the clock nears eight when my friends promised to arrive. Joni thinks about it for a moment and then nods.

“There is room, but make sure that they won’t break anything!” He warns me tensely and I can’t help but to chuckle.

“They won’t, they’re okay guys, just calm down,” for a moment I rub Joni’s shoulders, his muscles seem all tense; my poor baby, he really has been stressed out carrying something like this on his shoulders! At times I almost start to laugh as I think how he really has thought that I’m part of the mafia or something similar! Joni glares at me suspiciously and I keep reassuring him that I’ve not lost my mind and that I am taking the situation seriously. But it is amusing you have to admit! That I would be a part of the mafia?!

My friends arrive little after eight; Dmitri, Yuri, Kiril and Pavel. I promised them that we could have some vodka; I think it worked as a ‘carrot’ for them. I had to think something fun! After all it is pretty difficult to play out some hard ass Mafioso – I would think. I have to think of the situation with some humour, otherwise I’d probably explode; grab a knife and show that fucker who’s who, possibly cut off his dick and feed it to him and then I’d be send to prison; not good.

“I brought cards with me, we can play some poker!” Yuri informs cheerfully as he steps inside. Alright, so perhaps my friends aren’t taking this so seriously either? I smile a little to him.

“Well, we have to form the plan first,” I answer in my native tong. Joni is moving nervously behind me and I gently take his arm and pull him in front of me. “You could at least try to smile baby,” I whisper in his ear and my friends all stare at him grinning, winking knowingly. Before Joni became something more meaningful to me, when he was fishing with his dad, I told my friends about my project. Okay, I admit I was drunk, I remember comparing the situation to the Shakespeare novel:  The Taming of the Shrew. I felt so incredibly smart then, my friends found it amusing. I think that Mr, Shakespeare though would turn in his grave if he’d know the means I used. Oh well…  At least it worked! ”So, this is my Joni,” I introduce him and caress Joni’s arms soothingly.

Pavel steps forwards, introduces himself politely and shakes Joni’s hand, others following the example.

“Quite worthy of taming, I think,” Kiril tells me in Russia and winks grinning. I can see how annoyed Joni is that he can’t understand, but it is better this way. He would only get some Joni like fit; on the other hand they are pretty cute, I think to myself and smile. Perhaps I am a bit disturbed?


Misha’s friends are noisy and loud, but what else can you expect? And they keep looking at me oddly, whispering and snickering among themselves. Misha only grins at me when I glare at him with suspicion. They settle down in front of the kitchen table, Misha is on a bossy mood again. He actually ordered me to serve them some food and drinks and on top of it all he slapped my ass! That swine! I grumbled disapprovingly and his friends laughed. Fuck, did I really have to agree to this?”

However I am too restless and nervous so I do just as told. In a way I know that Misha has some incredible need to act in front of his friends. God only knows what he’s been telling them? But I guess I really love him when I don’t put up more fight and allow him to boss me around some. Or then I secretly enjoy it, gods, I am disturbed fellow! I think we’re both just as perverse. Misha however is the only man that I’d ever allow to treat me this way.

Finally I sit down on Misha’s lap (where he ordered me to) and I insist that the conversation will happen in Finnish.

”So,” Misha starts. ”The deal is that Joni is being blackmailed. Some rich fuck has set his eyes on him and now blackmails him into bed with him. For example he lied that I have criminal background and that he’d blow up my cover if Joni won’t agree.” Even his friends snicker at this and I glare at them sourly. How the fuck I was suppose to know that it was only a lie when Misha hinted it was true at the beginning! “Don’t look so sour baby,” Misha whispers and traces his finger on my cheek. I still continue to pout.

”Kinda like in mafia?” Dmitri grins.

”Yeah,” Misha admits with a chuckle. “And I thought that since that A.hole has said so then fucking let’s show him a criminal gang!” Misha nods forcefully and gulps down his shot of vodka. I sip my beer and look out from the window to the dark evening.

One of Misha’s friends; Juri or Jyri or whatever, pours more vodka in Misha’s glass. “It sounds like fun!” He nods eagerly. ”Should we have guns or something? Leather jackets or suits? Oh, oh! Can we all dress like in the Godfather?! Man it is a great movie!” And then all of them get excited and start talking of the said movie, including Misha. I am not sure if I should feel offended.

“Yeah, godfather was a great film, but I would really like if you would all try to focus,” I hiss finally. “I really don’t want to sleep with that slime!” Misha pats my thigh and kisses my neck.

“I don’t want that either, alright guys, let’s focus here!” He slams his fist into the table and all of them fall quiet for a moment.

“How will we proceed?” One of them asks and them stuffs some pizza in his mouth, happily munching it.

”Well, Joni has agreed to go there by seven on Friday. Luckily they will eat first so that will give us time, but we can’t wait too long. I really don’t want that fucker groping my Joni.” The others nod looking serious until one of them gives a drunken grin.

“Hey, Misha! You could get him a chastity belt, the one with a lock; so that if something goes wrong you have the key and that guy won’t get to screw your boyfriend after all!” Dmitri shouts out in excitement and drunk and I give him a shocked look. Others laugh and nod their heads in agreement and only Misha remains serious. I glance at him and notice that he seems to actually consider it!

”Yeah or put a plug in his ass!” Another one suggests and I open my mouth feeling even more shocked.

“But what about his mouth? How can we protect his mouth?” The third one ponders pointing at me.

”Oh come on!” I snap and struggle to stand from Misha’s lap. ”I should have known that your friends are just as perverted! You are not taking this seriously!” I huff and march out of the kitchen.

“Joni, baby!” Misha calls out after me but I simply hurry upstairs to my room. 


Okay, so maybe we stepped over the line, but I think the chastity belt is worth to consider! I am only thinking the best of my beloved bottom, just in case the guy jumps on him right at the door. The mere though of it makes my blood boil.

“I’m sorry guys, I’ll go and try to calm him up a bit,” I say as I stand.

“No hurry, we will find ways to keep ourselves entertained!” Pavel says and gives a meaningful look towards the bottle of vodka, Kiril digs out the game cards.

”Yeah, I think you should again train him a little!” Kiril nods and winks. I roll my eyes feeling amused and then go after Joni.

Joni is pouting in his room, the door however is slightly ajar and I look inside carefully. He sits in front of his desk and taps a pencil against the table in a nervous manner. I think for a minute, I can understand that he’s upset, I am restless as well but I can’t let that or my fears take the better of me. I am also slightly drunk, feeling warm somehow and I focus on the good things and grin before stepping inside.

”Here comes the big, bad Mafioso,” I call out and bring my hands above my head, twirling my fingers in the air as I creep closer. Joni turns his gaze to me raising his brow inquisitively. “The big bad mafia man is going to get you…” I continue.

“Oh Jesus…” Joni sighs and rolls his eyes, yet in his eyes I can see that he’s amused. I still continue to approach him.

”Soon he’s going to get ya, the big, bad, horny Mafioso….”

“I am pretty sure that mafia guys don’t move quite like that, you would sooner pass as an ogre,” Joni points out grinning.

“What?! No! The great big Mafioso has been insulted! And now he’s even fiercer and even more lustful!” I nod and Joni bursts out in laughter as I ‘attack’ him; I lift him up from the chair and carry him to the bed where I lover him down. “Take your words back or the revenge is merciless!” I threaten with a grin and he grins back at me.

“No!” He says stubbornly and I start to tickle his sides, making him laugh even more.

“Well, who’s the great, big Mafioso? Who?”

“You! You perverse!” Joni shouts out followed by laughter.

“And who is your boss?” I ask smiling gently as I lean closer. I take his wrists and bring them above his head. “Who?”

”You, you crazy,” he answers after a moment of silence. I bring my face closer and kiss him tenderly releasing his hands so that I can bring my own to his touch his face. I realise just how scared I am that something might happen to him, it’s funny how fast the love can be born when you meet the right person. I rub my nose against his, he sighs smiling and brings his hands on my own.

”I love you, you fool,” he whispers and I caress his hair and kiss his forehead.

“I love you as well,” I whisper back and smile. “I am taking this seriously,” I continue looking at him. “I have to take this with a little bit of humour, otherwise I’d go crazy thinking about the whole deal, you know?” Joni nods slowly getting serious. I lie on top of him and we look at one another, my hands wander over his sides, studying the bod I can’t get bored of. “I don’t want anyone else touch you like this,” I continue, bring his hand on my lips and kiss his fingers. “When you are there, try to prolong the situation so that it won’t progress, get him drunk anything you can think of,” I whisper and Joni nods carefully, looking serious. “I know you can think of something, you are smart,” I smile and nod to my words. “If anything should go wrong though, I am prepared to break in just to get to you, so don’t fear that I wouldn’t come.”

“I don’t want you to get in trouble,” Joni whispers. Moment of silence, I know there is a risk of dealing with cops if the plan would go wrong. “Listen,” Joni continues. “Marko has lived in that house, if there is some way to get in or if we should know something, he could tell,” he sighs. “I suggest we tell them, ask Jesse and Marko to come here.”

I ponder about it and look at the time. “It’s pretty late,” I take notice.

“It’s Saturday,” Joni answers and sits up. “They’re probably still awake, perhaps partying?” He shrugs. “Maybe they can’t come, but…”

I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having them both here under the same roof, both of Joni’s ex lays. But we do need help and they are a couple now, I guess it’s silly to feel jealous.

“Alright, call them,” I answer a bit reluctantly and force myself to smile.



Chapter 28


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