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I don’t really know what to write on these, I often wonder if anyone really cares who’s behind the stories. On the other hand, if I personally read something I like, then I am also somewhat interested in the person behind the story. Still, I guess I suffer from some kind of Finnish “anxiety” about talking about oneself…
I am a woman, born in 1983, I have two children and this is now why the writing has waned in the last six years; my own time and endurance have been on the card. But the reasons are worth it! ❤️
As a kid, I wanted to be an actor or a writer or a nature photographer! Adventure in the savannah and rainforest. (my favorite program on Tv was show about nature wild life...)I also wanted to be an archaeologist, or to dig up the bones of a dinosaur. Even in high school, I had a pretty high flying plans and ideas of ​​what I wanted to be as a grown up, the ideas changed many times. I let life carry me and it took me to become a hairdresser / beautician entrepreneur. And although I have sometimes tried to wriggle my way to something else, now I’m completely happy with my career choice, especially when I find that entrepreneurship allows me to once again devote some of my time to writing as well. And you meet people, interesting people, 
From these details I am identifiable to those who know me and I have not concealed from my loved ones what genre I am writing about, although I might die of shame if, for example, my parents read these🙈
My husband, though he knows and supports my writing, has also never encouraged me to read these. I am still considering accepting his offer to revise my English texts in terms of grammar. This embarrassment is only due to these sex scenes, if I tidied them up, it would be the same at times to get lost reading these and look at me; oh did you write this? 😅
At first I found it very embarrassing to write sex scenes, I would have preferred to make them so that the scene ends in style; whistling kiss and then move on to the morning. However, I felt that I would find better readers if I wrote them. So it left and, blushing a little, after writing the scene, I thought; like that then you wrote? And now then you publish? So there it went now, quite a bit. Now it would feel very strange if these stories circled those scenes 🤔
Stories I liked to come up with to tell for a long time, as a teenager I wrote them started with straight love / excitement stories with something supernatural, ghosts mostly. In the tension stories, the woman / girl was often in the role of the bad guy because I was tired of the opposite situation. I had one favorite story that I was very passionate about writing and developing at 13, thinking I was going to be a great writer! (I’ve a bit abandoned this dream and accept being a web writer behind a pseudonym.) -Let’s see if I ever find old snippets of that Anna and Jesse’s story here.
The mother tongue teacher may not have been so convinced of my skills, mostly the correct grammar has not been my strongest area, I was a handful of students. And my high school early native language teacher was perhaps intentionally annoyed by writing tragedies, even though he hoped for light stories, after giving the words: the subject is free… (you can't say that if you don't mean a free subject! 🙄)
I’m not quite sure when I became interested in a man / man setup, but pretty early, at about 15, I would believe. The first texts of the story are silent from that time, unfortunately I burned most of these texts sometime at the age of 20 in the grip of horrible disgrace and started rewriting it, you can find its English version on these pages. I wonder even more about the Finnish one, because I also feel some kind of shame about it now, although it is already much gentler. Also an example of a “Teaching” story, some you may remember? There’s one that embarrasses me to some degree 🙈 Let’s see if I get over it and go through that too = I publish.
Nothing so terrible has happened to me other than what some of my characters have had to go through. Yes, sexual harassment at a young age had to be “tolerated” quite often, too often, as certainly by a large proportion of young women. But I think there is still not enough talk about harassment or sexual violence or intimate partner violence that men face, which raises the threshold for seeking help for it. With this now partly explaining why this topic is in my writings, it is also interesting to write about the feelings associated with it.
The stories are always sprinkled with some little tricks about himself and his life here and there, but nothing striking.
I’m planning to change my author name to a little more adult, real-sounding. Kolgrim was my favorite gerbil, and from the stories of the Ice People, that name came out… But let's just think this is a degree of reflection, I just think that if I do self-publishing, the name could sound a little more believable than Kolgrim 😄 

Did any one make it this far? 😅

Anyway, thatnk you for finding my page and for reading! ❤️ I would always love to receive more feedback to keep my inspiration going, but I take what I can have 😘


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