Ivo and Jami

”You are worse than any woman I know,” Sonja sighed and sipped a glass of wine while watching him. Jami, who now checked his appearance from the mirror for what must have been at least tenth time, snorted at her comment.

“You just don’t understand; this man is divine! And it’s very important that I look okay,” he said, brushing his hands over his clothes giving a critical eye on his own reflection.

“Honey, you don’t look okay, you look perfect, okay? Just relax, the clothes are fine, your hair is fine, everything is fine.” Sonja smiled and stood up approaching him. “You will have a wonderful evening I’m sure,” she said stopping next to him. Jami turned to her.

“So this is fine? Or was the previous outfit better?” He asked eyeing her expectantly. Sonja laughed.

“Jami! They were all looking good on you!” She answered grinning and Jami frowned turning back to face the mirror.

“I still have one more outfit to choose from, perhaps I should…”

“No!” Sonja almost shrieked. “No more trying on clothes, keep those, you look sexy on those, okay?”

“Okay, if you are sure?” Jami asked and his friend nodded grinning.

“I am. Now, take a glass of wine and do try to relax.” She said and walked to the kitchen to get him the said glass. “What is it about this guy anyway? I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Jami took a seat down on the couch and thanked her when receiving the glass of wine from her. “He’s just so… mmmh… “

“Mmh?” She giggled.

“Yeah, you’d understand if you would see him,” Jami nodded.

“I thought you once said though that you never ever sleep with another Russian again, after that one guy… Remember, how you went on and on how they just fuck you and leave you cold, act all macho and… straight?” Sonja took a seat down next to him looking at him carefully. Jami waved his hand.

“It was ages ago besides you can’t judge whole nation because of one person. I did have the right to be upset though that guy was a jerk! I mean honestly, he just got his fun out of it and didn’t even bother to try and get me off, it was like; thank you and goodbye! – Selfish prick.” Jami fumed at the memory and took a sip of his glass. “Hm… I forgot what his name was though…”

Sonja chuckled. “You are such a slut,” she teased.

“Hey! I object! And you are in no position to judge me.”

“You are right, we are both sluts,” Sonja nodded. “And his name was Pavel by the way.”

“You keep a book of the men I’ve slept with? That’s spooky by the way.” Jami snorted. “And okay… I do remember his name, I’ve just tried my best to forget,” he sighed then eyeing his wine glass. “And I’m not a slut, not anymore; it was when I was naïve and young, easily fooled… Wild days of the youth…” Jami sighed.

“Yeah, we’re so fucking old now, huh?”

“Nah… Just… “ Jami shrugged and glanced at her. “I haven’t had sex in 10 months,” he whispered. “What if I have forgotten how?”

“Sex is like driving a bicycle…”  Sonja answered without much thought and sipped her wine before almost choking to it. “Wait, what? 10 months?! How the hell that happened?”

“It’s been my own choice,” Jami answered and rolled his eyes at his friend. “Ever since what’s his face…” He muttered and took another sip.

“Karri,” Sonja said the name and Jami sighed.

“Yeah… I’m just tired and I want a relationship, a proper relationship… I’m little worried though, Ivo is bi and… I dunno would be just my luck to later find out that he like… has a wife and family in Russia… Something like that… And I’m so sick of married men.”

“Like Karri,” Sonja nodded. “His wife still doesn’t know?”

“Nope… In my weak moments I’ve almost picked up the phone to tell her, those moment when he’s just called me drunk and begging to allow him to come over, he’s such a loser…”

“Perhaps you should tell her?” Sonja wondered.

“Uh… I don’t really want to take a part of it, they have kids and all…It would be such a mess…”

“Yeah…” Sonja sighed and took a small pause before adding. “So Russian and bisexual, there goes two of your promises.”

“Well, he’s worth the risk… if he jerks me over, I’ll… I’ll turn straight!” Jami nodded and Sonja started to laugh.

“Just like I often wish I could turn lesbian… but even the idea of… uh licking… ew… no, lets not go there…”

“Uh, yeah please lets not,” Jami agreed.

“See, you can’t turn straight,” Sonja grinned.

“Yeah, it’s true… Ah, besides it’s just our first date, it could turn out that it’s an epic fail from the start with so I shouldn’t worry yet… Though… I do have a hopeful feeling, he seems so… wonderful,” Jami concluded smiling. “Oh and you know, he knows that model, Joni Lehto? I did his hair the other day.”

“Really?” Sonja asked with curiosity and Jami nodded. “Oh my God! This Ivo has a brother called Dima, right?”

“Hmm… yeah.” Jami lifted his brow.

“My god! Such a small world! My cousin has dated Dima and she’s met Ivo too!”

“Seriously?” Jami asked and Sonja nodded eagerly.

“So no worries, Ivo doesn’t have secret family back in Russia, she has no bad word to say any of the three brothers. Actually I think she regrets leaving Dima.”

“This is strange…” Jami chuckled.

“How was that model boy by the way?” Sonja inquired leaning slightly forward. “Because my cousin knows him as well, they went to the same school together and she said he’s terribly vain and annoying and that he jerked around with her best friend, she doesn’t like him at all.”

“He didn’t seem so bad to me…” Jami answered carefully. “I mean, he’s young and being a model I think it’s natural to be concerned about looks, but vain and annoying? No, I didn’t see that side,” he shrugged. “In fact he was the one to set me and Ivo up for a date,” Jami chuckled then. “I can’t of course get a whole picture from one meeting, but I thought he seemed nice and if he was that bad why would he have such great friends?”

“That was what my cousin wondered,” Sonja shrugged. “Well, I don’t know what’s really up with that, I’ve found it quite strange when she’s raved about him. You know like once she happened to visit at my place with my little sister and there was one add on the TV with Lehto on it and Eva started going on and on about how much she dislikes him. My sister and I just looked at each other finding her rant a bit odd and obsessive.”

“Hmm… Maybe your cousin has had secret crush on him and just can’t deal with the fact that he’s gay and thus doesn’t pay any attention to her?” Jami suggested. “Or a secret crush to her gay friend who was played around? Women are strange creatures after all,” he grinned and Sonja threw a pillow at him rolling her eyes and smiling.

“Maybe you’re on to something though… “ She said. “Hmmm… But I really think she misses Dima most of all.”

“Or! She misses Dima because she wants to be close to Joni, around his annoying good looks and such frustrating gayness for straight girl!” Jami chuckled making Sonja roll his eyes.

“Ah, the kitchen shrink; Jami Ketola strikes again,” she teased grinning.

“Yup, actually I do think I would have lot to offer to the world of human psychology… That would make my mom proud of me at least, for once.” Jami said smiling, but Sonja detected sadness behind his gaze.

“Your mom is proud of you, both of your parents are,” she tried to assure and Jami got up sighing.

“No they are not,” he said. “I’m a gay hairdresser and now if I start dating a Russian, it will be just an icing on the cake. They are prejudice, I am sorry to admit it.” He said refilling his wine glass.

“Well cheer up Jami, you have a wonderful evening ahead, just enjoy, okay?” Sonja smiled and Jami glanced at her smiling back and nodding. “You have condoms or have they expired already during this sex free 10 months?” The woman grinned. “I can give you some if you need them?” Jami rolled his eyes and walked back to sit on the couch.

“Should I sleep with him on the first date? I mean if it goes that far to make the option?” He wondered and felt a pinch in the bottom of his stomach. “Gods, now I started to feel nervous.”

“Why?” Sonja inquired tilting her head. “I mean just go with what feels good at the moment, why plan it and why feel nervous?”

“Because I really like him, because I really wish this could turn into something, because I’m afraid that I’ll be clumsy and horrible in bed… Because I don’t know what he likes.”

“I’m sure you’re a great lay,” Sonja giggled. “Honestly Jami, don’t worry so much, one doesn’t forget how to have sex…”

“I suppose so…”  

“You know so. Just enjoy the evening with him, don’t over think and follow your instincts,” Sonja encouraged and Jami smiled at her feeling slightly more relaxed.

“Don’t over think, got it,” he nodded.


Ivo sat near the bar counter waiting for Jami, when he saw the young man entering the pub, he smiled and stood up to greet him. “Hey, you look handsome,” Ivo said when Jami was closer and hesitated a moment before lowering his hands on the shorter man’s shoulders kissing both of his cheeks. Jami blushed slightly which lvo found adorable.

“Thanks, so do you,” he murmured smiling at the taller man. Ivo’s gesture had raised few curious heads around the pub.

“What would you like to drink?” Ivo asked with clear, Russian accent covered voice that made last of the curious eyes turn back to either their drinks or companions. 

“Beer?” Jami suggested looking up at him and Ivo smiled nodding.

“Go and sit down, I’ll bring the drinks,” he said nodding towards the free table near by.

“Thanks,” Jami smiled, took a deep breath and approached the table taking a seat down.  He looked towards Ivo, feeling the butterflies in the bottom of his stomach, he could have never believed that Ivo was interest of him, he hadn’t dared to hope. Sure Ivo had always acted somewhat peculiar? Seeming to flirt with him, but then Jami had just thought that maybe it was just some Russian thing to behave that way and he shouldn’t fool himself into thinking that the man might be gay and thus be serious in his flirting, or what seemed as such and now was proven to be such! Thinking back made him feel kind of stupid and amused because the signs had been kind of obvious. What straight man would let out a satisfied moan while his hair was being washed by another man? And then comment how pleasurable his hands felt and joked if he would like to come and wash his hair every morning? And Ivo had always inquired of his life, been concerned if he had been off from work for being sick and… He had commented on his looks, like if he had new pair of pants, telling him how perfectly they seemed to fit on him…. Suddenly Jami struggled not to start snickering to himself, how could he have missed it? He had just placed Ivo strictly to the straight, don’t even think of it box and that was that, while of course secretly always wondering how Ivo would look like naked and how his hands would feel and…

“What’s so funny?” Jami raised his head to the voice, looking straight into Ivo’s kind amused eyes and felt the heath spread on his skin. Surely it had to be some crime to be so incredibly handsome? He wondered as the blond sat down opposite from him, handing the other beer to him.

“Um, nothing, I mean… Just, you know, remembered something funny from work and…” Jami shrugged, reaching for the glass. He had never felt so nervous on a date before, it wasn’t bad kind of nervousness just this… electricity? The; oh god I want this man so much and I will make an ass of myself in front of him, right?

“Care to share?” Ivo asked curiously while watching him intensely, with a boyish grin resting on his features. Jami took a sip of his beer hoping it would relax him and wondering just how nervous he would be without having those two glasses of wine before.

“Well, there’s just this odd elderly woman with weird hair that mid you isn’t our customer but yet comes regularly to ask about hair products that she never ends up buying because it’s so much cheaper at the super marked. She’s like over 60 with bleached hair and bad perm, her head looks like a giant cotton candy basically and then she likes to tell us about her very weird life and how she is convinced that the government is spying on her. Today since one of my customer made no show, I had nothing better to do than to listen to her ranting, scary part is that she invited me over to her house to show me a prove that aliens have visited her basement, she believes its their secret base and that is why government is interested.” Ivo started to laugh.

“My God, are you going to go?” The blond Russian asked grinning.

“I think if I would go, there is a huge risk getting sucked into some dark hole never to be seen again, so…”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that to happen…” Ivo smiled softly. “It’s scary how much weird people roam the streets, huh?” He asked then and Jami nodded.

“Yes and I think for some reason they are all drawn to me, like seriously I tend to attract the must fucked up people! Um…” The young man blushed. “Present company excluded,” He murmured then cursing in his mind; he was making an ass of himself!

“Are you sure?” Ivo couldn’t help but to tease. “I might have my own foil hat that I wear at home at nights in case of an alien attack…”

“Now you are teasing me,” Jami smiled, still with a hint of blush covering his cheeks.

“I can’t help not to, when the response is so adorable…” Ivo grinned, Jami looked back at him and smiled, he couldn’t hold the gaze for too long, too shy for it; was this the feeling everyone spoke of? It was certainly a new one, wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

“So you were at work today?” Ivo asked, leaning towards the table and to him, Jami nodded.

“It was a short day, luckily…” Jami answered lowering his elbows on the table. “Hmm…How is Joni?”

“He’s okay, very pleased to the way you did his hair, I think you have a new customer,” Ivo said tilting his head slightly.

“Really? Then I am pleased as well,” Jami smiled. Professionally it was wonderful news to him; Joni was a popular model after all and with customers like that he might even succeed opening his own salon one day. “May I ask how he came to stay at your home? You don’t have to answer if I’m being too inquisitive.”

Ivo took a sip of his beer before answering. “Well, he and my brother Misha have this thing going on,” he smiled slightly. “But as Joni told you about his ex, it’s still complicated but I’m sure they are heading to the right direction finally and pretty soon become a couple officially. I have to ask you not to talk about this, about his situation elsewhere.”

“I understand, I told my friend about meeting him, but I didn’t tell her any details,” Jami assured deciding it was best not to continue about the subject more than that. “So um, how’s your day been?” He asked then and smiled while observing the taller man.

“Slow… One of those days when the clock just didn’t seem to move fast enough for my liking…But that’s all changed now,” Ivo grinned again and Jami grinned back at him leaning towards him without really thinking about it.

“I felt the same way, about the whole week,” Jami confessed. “It’s still feels so… Hmm… I can’t really believe I’m sitting here with you,” he added and glanced down to his drink, his cheeks started to hurt from smiling so much and he felt a bit silly.

“Why?” Ivo asked moving slightly, their feet’s touched under the table and even from such simple touch Ivo felt heath spreading on his skin.

“I just convinced myself that you’re straight and…” Jami shrugged, looking back at him. “I don’t have to tell you that you’re very attractive man, right? I’m sure that many have told you that.”

“Hearing it from you makes it more special… “Ivo said and shifted on his seat, leaning even closer to Jami, whose arms rested on the table, their hands now almost touching. “And I’m sure you know… “ He took a small pause and smiled. “That I find you very sexy.”

Jami grinned, looking down at his hands very aware of how close Ivo was, he could sense his warmth, feel his gaze on him, sense the lust between them both, but was it only that? Did Ivo only desire him for sex? For brief passing fun, only to later find a woman to truly be with? “Thank you,” Jami murmured however smiling as he brought his gaze back up to the man.

“And interesting,” Ivo added and took another sip of his beer not taking his eyes away from him. “You have to forgive me if I’m not capable to hold an intelligent conversation this evening, I’m still relishing in the joy that you agreed to go out with me. I wanted to ask you out for so long, but I wasn’t sure how you would react…” Ivo explained while tracing his finger softly up and down over the beer glass, even this simple gesture seemed disturbingly sexy to Jami and he swallowed thickly.

“Surprised and delighted, perhaps slightly disbelieving at first,” Jami finally answered smiling at the man.

“Come on, surely I was giving some sorts of hints? I believe I was rather pathetic in my attempts to flirt with you, I was sure that one day you’d discreetly move me to another barber… “ Ivo grinned. “Saying to them; help, this weird old Russian guy is getting on my nerves, hitting on me while I’m just trying to do my work…”

Jami chuckled and shook his head, he tried to calm down, Ivo was still grinning at him, observing him with such intensity… “Come on Ivo, you’re not old…” He said then.

“But I am weird.”

“I like weird,” Jami grinned.

“And I am nine years older than you, it doesn’t bother you?”

“Hey, we’re both adults, why should it bother me?” Jami smiled and shrugged. “Had we met like ten years ago, then it would have been a problem.”

“So you like older men?” Ivo wriggled his brows in a way that made Jami laugh.

“I confess I tend to date older men than myself. And you really shouldn’t feel old because… Okay, confession, last man I dated was… 40… 2… 42.” Jami made a face closing his eyes briefly before looking back at Ivo with somewhat shy, embarrassed smile.

“Well that makes me practically a teenager then!” Ivo chuckled. “Did the age come between you then?” He asked smiling softly at the other. Jami was quiet for a moment, took a sip of his beer and then finally shook his head.

“No, his wife did,” he replied quietly observing Ivo’s reaction which was difficult to read. The blond was quiet, didn’t take his eyes away from him as he brought his glass to his lips and for a moment Jami regretted saying anything. “For my own defence though I didn’t know about her when I met him… Uh, you think ill of me now, right?” He asked worriedly and Ivo grinned shaking his head.

“Of course I don’t, it’s not your fault that he had a wife and we can all make mistakes…  I’m just happy that you are free now to be on this date with me.” Ivo smiled and got a relaxed smile back from the other man.

“Your last relationship…hm… was it with a guy or a girl?” Jami asked then.

“With a young woman,” Ivo replied calmly. “It didn’t last very long though.”

“Which do you prefer?” Jami asked carefully.

“Right now I prefer you,” Ivo grinned. “Right now and for some time you represent exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

“Oh…” Jami smiled feeling quite pleased at the answer. “So… I don’t have to worry about you having a secret wife and family in Russia or anything?”  He smiled at the man who chuckled at the question.

“Lord no,” Ivo answered grinning.

“Do you want children in the future?” Jami asked knowing he was probably asking the wrong questions since it was only their first date, but he wanted to know these things before he could allow himself to relax and let his feelings lead his actions.

Ivo shook his head and smiled. “Raising two brothers from teenagers to adulthood was nightmare enough to put any thoughts of fatherhood to rest… And what about you, would you like to have children one day?” Ivo returned the question.

“No,” Jami shook his head. “I’m not really keen on children. I mean I don’t have anything against children either, but one does see a great deal of the annoying ones at work and… gods, I don’t know… I would lose my mind watching that 24/7” Jami chuckled.

“So, were on the same page with this,” Ivo grinned at him. “I still have hoped to fill this position, right? Or do I have many rivals?” He teased the younger man who again blushed slightly.

“At the moment you are running strong,” Jami answered smiling and for a moment they simply stared in each others eyes. “Can you date another man seriously?” He decided to ask after collecting some courage.

“Why couldn’t I?” Ivo asked. “See now, here we are; sitting quite close to one another and… Ivo moved his hand closer to his, touching his fingers softly before resting his palm over his for a moment. “I’ not afraid, let them look if they will, I like you and I won’t hesitate to show it.” Jami felt his heart beating faster, Ivo’s touch caused pleasant warmth run through his whole body, he hadn’t felt like this in ages. “I made dinner reservations, I for one am starving, perhaps you are too?” Ivo asked then and Jami swallowed.

“I’m famished,” the younger man answered not really sure if he meant food at that point.

“Good, then let’s get going, shall we?” Ivo smiled, finished his beer and got up waiting for him to follow the example.

They walked side by side, Jami glanced up at Ivo who grinned at him and Jami couldn’t help but to snicker, he felt so… happy and excited at that moment. “You make me feel so small, like… a pygmy…” He said then. Jami had always been slightly regretful of being short, most men he had been with were taller, but Ivo took it to a whole other level.

“A pygmy?” Ivo asked chuckling, eyes twinkling as he looked down at the shorter man by his side. “I think you are perfect size,” he said and leaned slightly towards him. “Easy to carry with me if I so choose.”

Jami grinned glancing at him. “Oh really?”

“Yes really.”

“How tall are you anyway?” Jami asked then.

“Hm… Last measurement I got was around 198cm? It’s been awhile since I was measured, I believe I was still living in Russia then.” Ivo shrugged and smiled. “Not that bad, huh?”

“At least I feel safe next to you, I don’t think you’re the first man that people want to pick a fight with,” Jami grinned.

“How tall are you?” Ivo asked then, curious.

“You mean how short?” Jami chuckled. “170cm.”He said looking up to the blond who smiled softly at him.

“Perfect size,” Ivo repeated.

“Now it’s you who tries to flatter me!” Jami laughed. “If I was a woman, it would be perfect size perhaps, but I’m a guy, a short guy and I know it,” he nodded glancing up at Ivo. “And I guess its okay. Tom Cruise is also short for a man and it’s worked out alright for him, though these days he’s a little bit nuts isn’t he? With that weird religion and all… Hm… Now I’m blabbering… I have to warn you I don’t have a strong head when it comes to alcohol and I think I’m a bit tipsy and excited which makes me short of hyper… You see I had a friend over at my place before we met and we had a bit of wine and yeah… Now I blabbering and you are probably thinking; oh god what did I get myself into?”

Ivo chuckled while watching him. “You are cute, go on blabber all you like, I enjoy listening.” Jami grinned at this.

“Good that I’m not scaring you… So, where are you taking me?”

“To Saslik,” Ivo replied. “Little taste of Russia,” he smiled.

“Only a little taste?” Jami asked in a teasing, flirty kind of tone.

“Well, it depends on you really,” Ivo replied watching him. “If you’re up to enjoy the full course I am more than willing to serve it for you,” he added smiling cunningly, in a way that made Jami again blush slightly knowing what Ivo was really hinting to.

“I just might… “ The shorter man replied and glanced up smiling at him. “Though… it’s been awhile since… I’ve had the full course…” He added quietly.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Ivo promised and gently and briefly brushed his hand over Jami’s shoulder.


Jami studied the menu carefully before looking back at Ivo.

“I can’t choose, everything looks interesting… I normally won’t let my date order for me, but this time… could you?”

Ivo smiled and nodded. “Sure, have you ever tasted bear before?” He asked then.

“Um no, it’s so expensive, I could have chicken or beef maybe?”

“Do you dislike the idea of tasting bear?” Ivo inquired. “Listen, I asked you out, I chose the place, and it’s my treat.” He smiled and Jami gave him an insecure look still holding his menu.

“I’m not a woman you know,” the younger man pointed out which made Ivo laugh softly.

“I can see that you’re not,” Ivo grinned. “But what does that got to do with anything?”

“Well… I don’t expect you to buy me dinner.”

“But I want to,” Ivo said. “And even if you let me treat this evening for you doesn’t mean I expect you to give me anything in return, okay?”

Jami was quiet for a moment before he nodded. “Only if you let me treat you dinner next time we go out?”

“It’s a deal,” Ivo smiled and looked around for a waiter, who noticed and approached to take their order.

“I never knew speaking Russia could sound so sexy,” Jami grinned after the waiter had left and Ivo raised his brow grinning at him.


“I admit that before it rather annoyed me,” Jami confessed and took a sip of his water glass cursing in his mind; he shouldn’t have said that!

“Indeed?” Ivo laughed. “Why so?”

“I dunno…” Jami shrugged. “Can I blame my relatives who are always ranting about how annoyed they are? Like… Okay, I’m from east, born in Lappeeranta and we moved here when I was 7, most of our relatives are still there though and we visit them every summer. If one stops by to have coffee or eat on the way, it can sometimes feel like you’re the only Finnish speaking at the restaurant and yeah… Then my dad makes bad Russian jokes and rants how every year more and more Russians seem to migrate here, moaning how all summer cottages are taken by Russians and how unfair it is that it doesn’t work so easily the other way around should he want to buy a summer cottage in Russia…” Jami took a deep breath and smiled in apologetic manner. “Maybe it was silly to talk about this.” He worried then.

“I’m used to Finnish people moaning,” Ivo grinned. “It’s not quite so prejudice now as it was when I first moved here, then there were many occasions when I considered packing my bags and moving elsewhere, when the old people in my neighbourhood were giving me an evil eye and there even was this lovely old man who always cursed and muttered something unflattering when seeing me. Actually he even called cops few times, complaining about noise from my apartment, which actually didn’t come from my place… It wasn’t so amusing then, it is now, looking back, the old man got a warning from the cops from making false reports and that was a good day for me.”

“With old people, the war is still affecting I think, they still remember.”

“True and part of me understands that man, I know he was a war veteran, so…” Ivo shrugged.

“Still, it’s not right either; you didn’t do anything to him.” Jami smiled slightly. “Well… I bet you have heard many Finnish jokes too and complained about us,” he grinned then and Ivo watched him for awhile smiling secretively.

“I might,” he confessed.

“So there we go, it’s all in balance and I think it’s to be expected to every country to make fun or complain about their neighbours, love hate relationship kinda.”

“I guess so,” Ivo nodded smiling at Jami, wondering if it would ever be possible to grow tired of watching him. The waiter then brought them a bottle of red wine, interrupting their conversation for a short moment.

When the waiter was gone Jami brought his glass up his lips and tasted. “Mm… delicious,” he smiled looking deep into Ivo’s eyes, who followed the example and tasted as well.

“Indeed…” Ivo murmured.

“I wonder… I often wonder silly things… but… In war time, I wonder if there were gay love affairs between soldiers…” Jami said then and snickered feeling a bit silly again.

“I’m surprised if there weren’t any,” Ivo replied and couldn’t help to respond Jami’s smile.

“How about between enemies?” Jami wondered again sipping his wine.

“Would have been quite complicated I imagine,” Ivo grinned.

“But interesting, love worth losing your head over? And it could have been possible, complicated yes, but possible. The soldiers could have met before the war, have secret passionate love affair and then go on their separate ways only to meet later. Imagine suddenly coming face to face with your lover who you didn’t forget and you would have to make the decision of letting them go and risk getting into trouble for it or take captive or worse: fire your gun.”

Ivo raised his brow, looking at the younger man. “Fire your gun…” He repeated and grinned. “Why does that sound suddenly so dirty to me?” He grinned and tilted his head.

“Hey, I’m being serious here!” Jami chuckled. “What would you do in such a situation? If for example, it was me and you? Forget how silly quite far fetched scenario it would be.”

“Well,” Ivo leaned forward. “I think… I would take you as my prisoner and hide you from the rest, I would… escape with you and risk being called a coward. Firing a gun? Maybe, possibly, but a gun that is not made to harm, but pleasure.” Ivo wriggled his brows and made Jami blush.

“I was really asking for it, right? With my random scenario.” The smaller man grinned and Ivo kept smiling at him.

“Yes and… you should know I have a dirty mind and… simply watching you is making my thoughts run wild… I give you the permission to kick my leg if my conversation gets too out of line.”

“I don’t mind… I’m quite sure that my mind runs similar paths as yours…” Jami whispered and grinned back at him.

At some point Ivo ended up feeding bits of food to Jami, enjoying the warm , moist touch of his lips on his fingers, the sensual look in his eyes and delightful moan that passed through him with each taste. They were getting few questioning looks from the near by tables, but they were both beyond caring at that point.

Jami was feeling quite tipsy by the time they were finishing their desserts, Ivo on the other hand didn’t see so affected by the alcohol, which was natural concerning their difference in size. “Could you…” Jami started.

“Yes?” Ivo asked leaning towards him across the table.

“Would you like to… come and have a… cup of coffee… at my place?”

“Sure, with pleasure. Let me just get the check,” Ivo grinned and waived for the waiter. Judging by the look Jami was giving him, Ivo felt quite sure that it was more than just a cup of coffee that the young man was offering and the mere thought of it made him feel incredibly turned on. But it wasn’t just only sex that Ivo desired from Jami, this time he really hoped that it could turn into something more, something serious…


Jami chewed his lip; his hand trembled as he searched his keys. A quiet snicker, Ivo’s hand rested on his waist and he felt the heath radiating from the man who stood behind him. Opening the front door had never given him as much trouble as it seemed to give him now. He felt excited and nervous, it was obvious by now that Ivo would be having more than just a cup of coffee from him.

Finally he found the right key to open the door and they stepped in. “Welcome,” Jami smiled glancing at Ivo who grinned at him and closed the door after them. “Um would you prefer coffee or… beer maybe? I have wine as well, if you like?” Jami asked while undressing his shoes and jacked. Ivo followed the example, before coming closer. The taller man brought his hand behind Jami’s head, caressing his hair and neck, before tracing his fingers below his chin, bringing his head up before leaning towards him for a kiss. Jami shivered at the feel of Ivo’s warm, moist lips on his own, making it easier for them to kiss, he raised himself on his toes, holding on to Ivo’s strong arms for support. He couldn’t help but to moan, he was sure that he had never felt such mind blowing desire to anyone else before. When the kiss ended, Ivo smiled at him, his fingertips carefully tracing his features and Jami couldn’t take his eyes away from him. “Perhaps a glass of wine?” Ivo suggested then with quiet tone still smiling at him.

“Wine, sure…” Jami nodded his voice slightly hoarse. “Um… The living room…” He murmured feeling like his brain had melted at some point; it seemed like such a struggle to think clearly. He led the older man to the next room. “You can sit down,” he gestured towards the couch. Ivo watched him carefully, nodded still smiling and did as was told. “Red or white?” Jami asked opening the cabinet where he kept his wines.

“Red, please… You seem to have impressive collection.” Ivo noticed.

“Yeah… I like wine,” Jami grinned glancing at the blonde and cursing himself silently for thinking he sounded somehow silly. Ivo chuckled softly.


“I’ll be right back, just… um opening this…” Jami showed the bottle to him and pointed to the kitchen, Ivo nodded at him and looked around in the room, it was cosy and comfortable, quite neat which made Ivo wonder if Jami always managed to keep his home so clean.

The younger man soon returned carrying two wine glasses. He gave the other to Ivo and set his own on the coffee table before walking to his stereo. “Maybe some music…” He said quietly browsing through his CD’s. “Any wishes?”

“Nothing too loud,” Ivo replied.

“Not too loud… hm… “ Jami took the soundtrack from the Tudors TV series, that was one of his favourites and placed the cd inside the player. He then turned and approached the other man. “Have you ever watched Tudors?”

“Hmmm… I don’t think that I’ve heard of it?” Ivo answered. Jami took his glass and sipped his wine.

“Well, you know Henry the eight? – The king with many unfortunate wives’s.”

“Ah yes, him.” Ivo nodded and grinned.

“Well, this is the music from the TV series and I have the DVD’s as well, I had to order them from the internet, they only showed the first two seasons here on TV… And I got tired of waiting… Anyway, it’s really good; maybe you could watch them sometime with me?”

“I would like that, the music is beautiful…” Ivo said and Jami smiled at him before coming closer. The younger man lowered his glass down and then came standing in front of him, his hands lowering on Ivo’s shoulders.

 “This way, you sitting before me I can almost hold onto the illusion of not being so much shorter than you…” Jami whispered and Ivo lowered his own glass to the table, so that he could caress the other. His hands ran smoothly over Jami’s side’s, carefully moving his finger underneath his shirt. The warm smooth skin felt so nice beneath his fingers, Jami breathed out softly and closed his eyes. Getting bolder with his touches, Ivo leaned forward, pulling Jami’s shirt slightly up so that he could kiss his belly, the younger man moaned and brought his hands up to caress Ivo’s hair.

“You have a beautiful navel…” Ivo whispered and touched it with his finger tip making Jami pull his stomach in and snicker. “Ticklish?” Ivo grinned looking up and Jami nodded.

“Little bit,” he confessed and the blonde smiled at him, holding his gaze as he slowly moved his shirt up to his chest.

“Do you want to?” Ivo asked feeling already quite turned on and he wanted to know if it was okay to proceed.

“Yeah…” Jami whispered licking his lips and slowly undressing his own shirt, carelessly he threw the piece of fabric somewhere on the floor and let out a surprised yelp when Ivo pulled him on his lap to straddle him. Ivo brought his face closer, their noses touching before the blonde tilted his head to kiss the other’s lips.

Jami shivered feeling the strong hands caressing the naked skin of is back and slowly in tune with the peaceful music he started opening the buttons of Ivo’s shirt revealing his chest. Jami caressed the other with his hands, gently sliding the piece of fabric down on Ivo’s shoulders, before leaning forward to kiss his neck.

Their chests became align, warm skin against the other, their lips met for another kiss, longer and wanton. Jami rolled his hips slowly against him, making their hardness rub against each other. Ivo moaned into the kiss, his hands travelling down on Jami’s back till reaching his buttocks and squeezing them through the fabric. “I want you…” Ivo panted. “So bad…”

“I want you too…” Jami whispered, looking at him through pleasure glazed haze before reaching down between their bodies to open up Ivo’s belt all the while holding his gaze. Another kiss, Jami’s hands proceeded to open the first button of Ivo’s jeans before sliding the zipper down and slipping his hand in to touch Ivo’s hard length through his underwear. Jami released a small gasp at the feel and brought his gaze down. “My god…you’re big all over…” He noticed and looked back in Ivo’s eyes. The blonde smiled feeling slightly worried of the reaction.

“I hope you don’t find me too big…” He murmured and caressed Jami’s hair. There had been few in his past that had freaked out by his size, finding it a bit too much for them.

“I’m not running…” Jami grinned and leaned forward for another kiss.

“Good,” Ivo panted closing his eyes as Jami moved with kisses along his chin, down to his neck, further to his chest. The young man slide smoothly down onto the floor on his knees in front of him. Jami’s finger caressed the trail of hair from him navel leading further down to….

“Move your hips up,” Jami whispered smiling up at him and Ivo cracked his eyes open smiling back lazily and following his order. Jami tucked Ivo’s pants and underwear down carefully, undressing him completely before placing his focus on the blonde’s erection. It looked enormous, it had to be the biggest one he had seen in real life so far, slightly intimidating but impressive, Jami brought his hand to touch the warm, velvety length and leaned forward to kiss it’s tip tasting the precum carefully with his tongue. Ivo watched Jami’s every movement carefully, shivering from pleasure and anticipation; the light touches were maddening and left him desperately desiring more.

“It’s amazing…” Jami whispered, looking up at him. “What did your mom feed you to get you like this?” He chuckled then little nervously, while still continuing to caress the length. Ivo smirked and reached for Jami’s hand urging him to stand.

“Lots of eggs…” Ivo whispered still grinning at Jami who now stood before him. “Now, I want to see you, all of you…” He added and brought his hands to open Jami’s pants.

 Ivo’s hands continued to slide his pants and underwear down to his ankles and taking support from Ivo’s shoulders Jami kicked himself free of his clothing. Ivo kissed him again, his stomach and his thighs before giving more attention to his cock which responded eagerly to the touch. Ivo looked up grinning at him before taking him in his mouth. “Lord…” Jami gasped, he had almost forgotten how incredible blowjob could feel and there was something so incredibly arousing to have such a strong man bent down between his legs sucking on his length. Jami caressed Ivo’s soft hair, unable to stop watching him through pleasure. There could not be another man as incredibly sexy as the Russian was, not to him anyway.

The blonde moved his hand to caress Jami’s testicles, feeling their weight and rolling them gently while continuing to pleasure him with his mouth. At times he stole glances of the other’s face, enjoying watching his pleasure and hearing his moans. Carefully Ivo moved his finger behind the testicles, caressing the sensitive skin there that caused the youth to release a stronger cry from his lips, a sound clearly stating that what ever Ivo was doing, he was doing a good job in it. Getting bolder, Ivo moved his finger further tracing the skin around Jami’s hole, pressing his fingertip against it, but not further. Again he looked up to see the other’s reaction. Jami’s eyes were half way open and looking back him, soft smile on his lips.

Ivo brought his head back, replaced his mouth with his hand on Jami’s erection. “Do you think you could handle me?” Ivo whispered looking at him carefully. “I want to know what you prefer, if you rather that we just have oral sex or if you, well…” As he spoke, Ivo caressed Jami’s buttocks making his meaning clear. “Remember, there is no wrong answer, I’ll be satisfied to what ever you decide to give me.”

Jami was quiet for awhile, taking another glance between Ivo’s legs; he might live to regret it Monday while at work, but… “If you take it slow, it’s been almost a year since I… But, I want to try… and… I’m versatile so… I’m willing to experiment….” He gave the man a slightly nervous grin, feeling his heartbeat increase as he wondered how it would work.

“I’ll be gentle,” Ivo grinned before pulling Jami on his lap making the younger man snicker with surprise of the sudden action. Ivo stood up supporting his weight and Jami wrapped his arms and legs around him. “See, very easy for me to carry you, I love it,” Ivo smirked and stole a kiss from Jami’s lips. “Where is your bedroom?”

“On your left,” Jami grinned and pointed towards the room thinking how strangely exciting it was being carried like this. Ivo walked towards the room, kicked the door open, stepped in and dropped Jami on the bed on his back smirking down at him, before leaning towards him for a kiss. Jami moaned as he felt the strong hands travel all over his body, feeling the moist lips caress him with exploring kisses, down to his chest, his stomach… Ivo kneeled in front of him and brought Jami’s feet up, gently kissing his toes and the sole of his feet.

“You have beautiful feet,” Ivo whispered and Jami snickered at the comment.

“You like feet?”

“Hmm… Yes, but I won’t get too kinky for you, I promise…” Ivo grinned sliding his hand down on Jami’s calf and further to his thigh. “Where do you keep lube?” He asked then and Jami pointed towards his nightstand.

“The obvious place,” the young man grinned and when Ivo reached to get the lube from the top drawer, Jami couldn’t resist the sudden urge to bring his feet’s on either side of Ivo’s cock, gently rubbing it between them. Ivo moaned with surprised delight of Jami’s action. “Hmmm… you like this, don’t you?” Jami grinned and Ivo, who had successfully received the lube from the drawer, looked back at him, smile on his lips, lust in his eyes.

“Yes… Perhaps I have a fetish after all…” The blond grinned and moved closer after Jami had released his hold.

“Not a bad one… If you want to… rub your cock against my feet, they are yours to use, anytime…” The smaller man murmured with lustful tone and smirked. “Well, not when I’m working or any place public,” he added chuckling before receiving a kiss on his lips.

“You’re too good to be true…” Ivo grinned and gave Jami another kiss on his lips before opening the bottle of lube and spreading it on his hands.

“I am true…” Jami murmured before parting his lips into a silent moan, his eyes closing as Ivo’s hand caressed between his legs not intruding inside just yet. The blonde moved down on his body with kisses, further down so that he could pleasure him with his mouth while carefully penetrating him with the first digit.

Ivo’s hands were gentle and slow, there was no sense of rush in his actions. Jami listened to the distant, slow, almost sorrowful music on the background, Ivo’s breathing and his own. His senses were high and when he opened his eyes to look at the man, he felt at ease knowing that Ivo would be careful not to bring him unnecessary pain.

“I want you…” Jami whispered after feeling himself ready to try the real thing. Ivo smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

“Do you have condoms somewhere close or should I get one from my wallet?” The blonde asked with slightly hoarse voice and Jami crawled towards his nightstand opened the drawer and took the packet from beneath some hair magazines making him realise just how dry sex life he had had over the past few months. He checked the date on the packet.

“These seem to be alive still,” he snickered and glanced at Ivo feeling his cheeks burning. “I mean, okay to use…”

Ivo grinned. “I guessed your meaning,” he said and watched as the youth sat up on the bed opening one packet before leaning closer. As Jami carefully slide the condom on Ivo’s length he had to take a deep breathe to prepare himself for what was to come and not let his nerves get to him, it was important to stay as relaxed as possible. “Alright, we’re ready to go,” he grinned finally and Ivo smiled back at him stealing his lips into a playful kiss.

“How should I…?” Jami started and the older man smirked at him placing his hands on his hips gently flipping him around.

“Let’s try like this first…” Ivo whispered after he had Jami on his hands and feet’s in front of him. Gently Ivo ran his hand along Jami’s back. “Keep your ass up, otherwise you can lie down, just make yourself comfortable, alright?” Ivo said kneeling behind him and caressing between Jami’s buttocks. Just a little more lube; Ivo thought after feeling the tiny hole and decided to play with it a little bit longer before trying to penetrate the smaller man.

 “I’ll go slow, but if it feels too painful then just tell me and I will stop, okay?” Ivo said after preparing Jami for what he thought should be enough.

“Okay,” Jami nodded and moaned soon after as Ivo’s hand caressed the skin between his buttocks. The bed creaked slightly as the man moved little bit closer and Jami felt the blunt head of his erect penis against his hole. He took a deep breath, trying his best to be as relaxed as possible and true to his words Ivo started moving in slowly. Jami gasped, his hands squeezing the bed sheets beneath him, it did hurt, it felt a bit overwhelming and part of him wanted to crawl away, the other sensibly reminded that it was sure to get better soon and he had known to prepare for this. Ivo’s other hand stroked his lower back in smooth circles and he stopped to wait hoping that he could somehow make it easier for the other.

“Remember, we can stop at any moment, you control the pace, if it feels too uncomfortable then tell me,” Ivo whispered partly registering that what had happened to Joni haunted his mind in some extend making him more careful than what he normally would be.

“It’s okay, it’s just… give me some time.”  Jami asked closing his eyes for a moment, breathing in slowly, he rested his head on the pillow beneath him, hands next to his face, slowly relaxing. “Okay, you can move again…”

Ivo proceeded to penetrate him slowly and again stopped when fully inside. Jami shivered, releasing a soft cry from his lips that made Ivo worry slightly. He moved his hand to stroke the smaller man’s organ that had gone flaccid and hoped to make him soon enjoy. “Are you okay?” Ivo asked.

“Mmh… yeah… that feels good…” Jami whispered concentrating on the pleasure given to his cock that began to harden once more.

“Good,” Ivo smiled having to struggle with himself to hold still for some more, the tightness and heath around him felt incredible and it had already been two months since he last had sex; and this was a long time for him. After some time Jami started to move his hips against him making Ivo moan out loud.

“Move,” the younger man whispered and Ivo gladly obeyed. He kept his pace slow at first continuing to stroke Jami in the same rhythm and after some time the smaller man seemed to fully recover from any pain he had felt at first.

“Oh god…” Jami moaned out. “Faster…” He begged making Ivo smirk and wrap his arms around Jami’s waist lifting him up and moving so that he held him on his lap. Jami turned his face to him and kissed him, his hand reaching behind Ivo’s head. “So good…”

“Yeah… you feel amazing…” Ivo panted while helping Jami to move up and down over his length. “…perfect…” he added and caressed Jami’s cheek and neck with his lips. “Perfect size…” He added while moving the other without much effort and Jami moaned in delight having to admit to himself that he found it more than exciting to have such a strong man ‘using’ him this way. The idea of being helpless in Ivo’s hold, yet at the same time knowing that he would not do any harm, that one simple word would make the other stop, yet stopping was farthest thing in Jami’s mind at that moment.

Ivo kept watching Jami’s face, enjoying watching the pleasure written over his features. “Ty krasivyy…” He whispered and the other moaned looking at him through half opened eyes.

“Speak more…” Jami asked though he had no idea what Ivo had said, what ever it was it sounded sexy.

“Ty nuzhen mne…” Ivo continued to whisper words in Jami’s ear noticing how it seemed to excite him.

“Close…” Jami moaned and Ivo doubled his efforts to bring the smaller man closer to the bliss and soon his efforts paid. Jami cried out, his inner muscles tightening around him in a way that brought Ivo closer to reach his own peak. Feeling Jami’s seed over his hand made Ivo lose his control and move so that Jami was once again lying down beneath him as he made few more hard thrusts before reaching his own orgasm.

Ivo stayed still, his arm still around Jami’s waist, trying to catch his breathing; he didn’t remember the last time of having such intense orgasm. Slowly he opened his eyes, easing his hold on the younger man, who glanced up at him from over his shoulder. “Are you okay? I didn’t crush you or anything?” Ivo asked caressing Jami’s cheek and the young man chuckled softly.

“I’m fine.. No, better than fine… It was… wonderful…” Jami assured and Ivo leaned forward to kiss him softly.

“You are wonderful,” Ivo whispered before slowly and gently pulling out, removing the used condom and throwing it in the near by bin. He then reached for Jami, pulling him close to his chest, lazily kissing his sweaty forehead and cheeks. “Could I stay for the night?” Ivo asked carefully, hoping that Jami wouldn’t want to kick him from his bed so soon.

“Of course!” Jami answered and snuggled closer kissing Ivo’s lips. “I would like it very much,” he nodded, happy that the other man hadn’t just come for quick sex and then made his leave like so many others would have. “I really like you Ivo…” He added then. Ivo smiled looking at him.

“I really like you too,” he said caressing Jami’s hair, not taking his eyes away from him. “So does this mean that you will go out with me again?”

Jami grinned. “I promised to buy you a dinner, didn’t I? But I think, I much rather cook you one, if you like?”

Ivo smiled softly and stole another lazy kiss. “I would like that even better,” he replied and couldn’t stop smiling. Ivo had never before felt as hopeful as he did then; maybe this could really turn into something serious? And for the first time in a long time, Ivo noticed himself actually hoping with all his heart that it would turn into something serious with Jami, perhaps he had been running around having careless fun enough, perhaps now he was truly ready to commit to one person?  Perhaps  Jami would be the  one for him?  – Only time would tell.



Web published: My Secret Shore

Aprilr 22nd, 2011


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