Vaiti/ Silent update

I’ve updated the chapter 29 of Silent.

Suomeksi luku 41 Vaiti tarinaan.

I’ll write this article in English so most of you can understand. The last couple of days have been mentally exhausting, right? The situation in Ukraine is horrible and I just feel so incredibly bad and helpless when reading the news. Innocent people are suffering on both sides, mostly in Ukraine but it can’t be easy for the ordinary people in Russia either, who have nothing to do with the war started by their mad leader Putin. Let us hope that this war will end soon. I’m so proud of the Ukrainian soldiers and leaders for standing up to Putin and his followers! 💪 Proud of those Russians who have taken part in demonstrations against the war and Putin.

Anyway, I have to say it has been difficult to concentrate on writing, but I’ll try my best. Life must go on and worrying doesn’t really bring anything to the table.

Though at first, I had planned to stop publishing the chapters of Silent, I now decided differently and I’ll try to build a bigger audience for it in Wattpad. This is a raw version still that I will work on more, especially the earlier chapters, and perhaps when I get the edited version done I will make a self-published version of it; a book you can hold in your hands, but we’ll see! Anyway thanks for reading. ❤️